Frank Arrigazzi – The Barefoot Yoga Instructor

A few weeks ago, I said to myself, ” I really want to get into yoga, but not just go to a gym and do it, I want to learn it properly from someone who really knows what they are doing!

Well wouldn’t you know that the universe heard my request and granted me with that wish!

About a month ago, I attended a raw food party with some raw friends.  Whilst lining up in the queue, I began to chat to the people around me, they were after all, probably here for that very reason, to meet new friends!

As I gave Frank my card and he told me what he did, I thought, wow, what a cool person to come across!

We swapped details after a brief chat and both said we would be in touch.

The next day I received an email from Frank saying he would love to teach me yoga and give me some one on one lessons at my house!!!!

You can bet I was surprised and excited because it cemented yet again, if you put things out in the universe, you really do attract what you want. Read more