21 Blogs Featuring Soups That Will Warm Your Soul This Winter


What could be more comforting than a steaming hot bowl of soup that reminds you of growing up with Mom?  These bloggers have pulled out all the stops and have come up with some delectable soups that sound so comforting, you’ll be glad when the weather is cold just so you can enjoy some.  From chicken soup with biscuits to spicy southwest pumpkin soup, you will surely find something to warm your soul.


When you think of warm, yummy soup do you automatically think light and healthy? Probably not, but there are actually quite a few broth based soups that are surprisingly healthy.  Depending how you make your creamy soups creamy, even those soups might not be as bad as you might think.  As many folks are trying to eat healthier, you might think that soul-warming soup may no longer be on the menu for you, but you’d be wrong.  Check out these seven blog posts to find the light recipe that is just right for you.


Vegetarian soup is not only healthy, but it’s hearty and comforting all at the same time.  Many people probably wouldn’t even know these recipes are vegetarian, so this is a great way to introduce a few vegetarian recipes into your family’s weekly dinner menu without anyone complaining about the missing meat.  Soups lend themselves well to vegetarian diets because many soups contain vegetables and beans already, so there isn’t a lot to change.  Think you don’t like vegetables, so how could you ever like a vegetarian soup?  You’ll be surprised to find a recipe or two for fruit soups.  Fruit soups can often be served cold or hot just in case you are in the mood for soup, even though its 100 degrees outside. Fruit soups can even be served as a dessert.  Take a look at these seven blog entries and see if any of these soups could fill you up while tasting rich and hearty.

With this selection of tasty soup recipes in your arsenal, you will probably be sorry to see the cold weather end.  Fear not, winter comes around every year.  Whether you are warming up the kids after a day of playing in the snow or just comforting your spouse after a rough day at work, soup will do the trick.  What are you waiting for?  Get in your kitchen and try some of these delectable soup recipes tonight and give your whole family a little warming of the soul.