Food is Mood by Susan Laing


  • Did you ever stop to think how addictive the food you are eating is……and how it may be affecting you-r mood
  • Did you know your mood is created by the chemistry that takes place in your gut most of the time
  • Did you know that some of our good mood chemicals are mostly produced in the intestine
  • Did you know our body can become wired with a certain past emotional vibrations leading us to crave certain foods


Mood disorders could be caused by a loss of our inherent, reflexive avoidance of aversive events, according to a new study. So the body may crave a certain kind of energy or mood due to our past emotional experiences or perceptions.  And this is when the body can crave the very food you were hoping to avoid, because of the habitual energetic blueprint the body has recorded, which seems to have become the norm for your receptor sites.


If you think of our body more than just a body, it has consciousness, and is made of vibrational light energy or chi/prana. So if the wiring in certain parts of our blueprint has been recording, over and over again with the same imbalanced or negative vibration, then the connection at the receptor sites are going to become weakened and so need to be reset and strengthened and cleaned. Just like spark plugs in a car engine!                             

So the longer the body has been wired to this norm,  means it can take some time, even years of changing the groove in the record- ed stuck mis-information. As I said it can be likened to learning all over again or reprogramming the receptor sites.  For example some receptor sites may have been over stimulated and gone into a rave type of energy when someone has been eating excitotoxin – neurotoxin filled diet  for many years e.g with MSG . Or it may be the receptor sites may have been completely confused with negative messages or vibrations from toxic thoughts or foods for a long period of time and no longer function normally creating something like insulin resistance. And just remember there are receptor sites for our live bacteria in our gut too. These gut bacteria have consciousness and are affected by stresses of all sorts from unhealthy food to our imbalanced emotions. The live bacteria imbalance is an energetic mirror of our emotions too. They feel what you are feeling on every vibrational level.

So for example someone like myself who has been a sugar and chocolate addict since the age of 8,caused by life not being sweet enough and not only that but I was labelled the most mischievous girl in the school.  Then bam! Remove the sugar or chocolate and the associated vibration of energy within the whole of my being changes to something quite different.  Shock , unfamiliarity, struggle, difficult, challenge, scary and learning to unlearn are common words used to describe the journey of transformation.                 

Nowadays so many people are addicts of some sort, some are sugar addicts, some are bread addicts, some are chocolate addicts, coffee etc. Most people have an addiction that serves their mood due to lack spiritual nourishment. And obviously not always a food addiction! Sex, shopping, drugs, gambling, stealing, smoking etc. are all included.

Even simple boredom can cause us to eat our emotions.

We need to fill this empty sad, bored or whatever negative emotion space with heart and soul nourishment!

Learning to reset the consciousness at cellular level involves not only changing and exploring our die-t but also our thoughts and daily habitual nourishment of movement and activity.   Anything to help ground the mind, body and connect to the spirit. The spirit is the very thing that has been missing all along.  So introducing activities like sitting meditation , yoga, plant medicine, pranayama , Qigong etc. will enhance the change to a more positive energy within our being.
Most people are aware of the positive healing change in our brain waves during meditation and  according to recent medical research, the EEG readings of meditators do show them to be in alpha state, while the EEG readings of indigenous shamans on shamanic journeys show them to be at the theta level.

 Other forms of meditation may involve activities where we become one with ourselves and become more aware may involve anything like painting, playing a musical instrument, gardening, dancing etc.  These joy-full experiences help to all help to transform the body chemistry of the heart which is the core of our consciousness and our feelings or receptor sites. This whole ethos of body chemistry and our mood plays the most important part in everything we act upon in life.

We cannot forget the connection of mind, body and spirit 

So during the space of the day do you ever find you are :-

  •  up and down and are suffering from mood swings?
  •  feeling a high then not long after you feel a crash in energy and mood after eating certain foods?
  •  stressed after eating say a Chinese take away or bag of crisps?
  •  feel high or spaced out after  drinking an extra sweet fruit smoothie ?
  •  craving these very feelings that is perpetuated by these very foods or is it the food you are craving ?

Does this remind you of anyone you know?  


Our emotions can run wild during the hours of a day all due to what we eat due to imbalanced blood sugar levels or chemical imbalances or much more . See my previous blog    

If you tune in to your body’s wisdom you will notice subtle effects or sometimes when people start cutting out, say wheat or pasteurised dairy products for example they will notice HUGE changes in the body functions and mood. However if your body is loaded with toxins it is difficult to feel and connect to what is actually going on within the body or emotionally because it has become numb due to consuming the unhealthy damp forming and nutritionally depleted foods you may have eaten for a long time.

This is another classic feeling or mood …feeling numb. How many of us go and eat something to make us feel or not feel = numb.

Once when I visited the Chinese Herbalist he told me “Our bodies are like computers“.  This was when I explained to him I can put something on my tongue and bam! straight away if my body does not want it or like it (yes even though I really WANT this yummy tasty delicious food) my tongue will contract at the sides!  Our bodies really are amazing wisdom.   

Those receptor sites all around our cell membranes cannot be fooled!

Our body is nature and only likes to be fed nourishment from 100% natural nature.

In fact it may appear initially that the body can cope with all the excess toxins in foods and in our environment not to mention the overeating and lack of nutrients in our food and soil, stress etc.  But in reality our body is just slowly filling up all the spaces and pipes in the digestive system and various body organs beyond their capacity until the body can no longer cope and has eventually become the dis-ease of imbalanced emotion = mood swings,  obesity, fatigue, depletion and loss of spiritual nourishment. 

When we eat food that has no natural intact altruistic DNA either spoilt by mans interference with pesticides or fungicides & hybridisation GMO etc. this leads to an energetic electrical fault within our bodily systems. It blocks our connection to everything around us and within.  We are walking vibrational messengers. And what ever we eat and drink will affect the very core of our DNA and our mood.

Did you know that on an average standard diet we eat @ 70 odd stimulants a day !


So next time you guzzle that pizza with melted cheese and white flour become aware of how you may feel straight after eating it?  –  super happy then that well known slump in energy. Then quite often we want this very feel- good -opiate feeling again so we search for the very same mimicking opiate foods to cre-ate the same old recorded stuck mood.    Your blood & body after eating a fatty meal

Children now are addicted to our opiate rich false empty nutrient foods as these fast dead processed foods are so addictive. This leads to depletion of minerals and robs our body of the very feel good factors chemicals called neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Which is another story…….                   

So once again if you have experienced sadness or trauma in the past eg breaking up of the family unit to a divorce or the loss of a beloved you might find that the time you felt this low ebb in your life  is the time you may have become addicted to some sort of opiate mimicking food or substance. Dr David Jubb’s Universe in Your Mind  –  talking about the opiate foods and how they affect your mind  Dr David Jubb Bio Terrain and Mental Health part 2

So here we are in this year of 2013 of raw-love-ution. Why not try adding more organic, wild un- hybridised, uncooked foods to our plate !  Experience the shift of energy within and out. If you have ever experienced any length of detoxing with healthy foods or plant medicine you will bee aware of the bliss and joy you can feel.

This only comes into our being with 100% NATURE.

Food is for taste. Joy is taste of life.

I would like to mention here that during an Iridology examination I am able to pick up stimulation of the central nervous system by looking into the eyes. So when someone shows Pupil Hippus – the pupil contracts and dilates, alternating between the two extremes quite rapidly, independent of any light stimulus indicating acute adrenal stress. I have seen this many a time when people are eating foods over stimulating the adrenals. Very often they will say they feel fine but the eyes always tell the truth.

Susan is writing a book ….Mood is Food due to come out soon                   

By Susan Laing practices Modern Multidimensional Naturopathic Iridology and Nutritional Healing