I Am Food

he I Am Food Guidebook and companion recipe book not only herald a new era in food publishing, but provide readers with a much needed practical approach to making more conscious food choices.

Let’s face it – so many of us are very confused and reluctant to believe the messages we’re fed about food by corporate marketing. Do we really understand what is marketing, and what is truth? If so, why are we becoming so diseased with diabetes, heart disease and obesity? Are ‘health foods’ actually harming us rather than healing us?

With two decades of naturopathic consulting experience, Sydney basedpractitioner, Anthia Koullouros is an expert in the field of health and wholefood. She has teamed up with experienced photographer Chris L.Jones tooffer some back to basics, life-changing material that will help you navigate through the confusing misinformation that keeps us from making the best food choices.

Interest in food up until now has been quite cosmetic with the rise of the chef culture as we still see large amounts of refined sugar, processed fats and salt going into recipes. Cookbooks and specialist food magazines have not been much better despite looking for healthier options in some issues. However, these attempts have been based on information that has often been put out by nutritionists connected to large food corporations and is not founded on impartial research.

These cutting edge ebooks will help us fully understand the implications of not only what we feed ourselves, but also from where we source our food.They explore the idea of farming methods to enhance nutrient dense soil (and therefore food), and they will offer a return to traditional preparation methods in order to preserve food nutrients and aid digestion.

I Am Food examines:

   How to choose well sourced food from farm to plate, so that what we nourish our body with is the best quality for our busy lives.

   It explores ingredients, both natural and chemical, to avoid and how to confidently choose the best foods.

   For simplicity, Anthia offers a ready-to-go shopping list and she’ll walk you through getting organised in the kitchen to support you in finding the healthiest cooking methods

Anthia has been bringing health and knowledge to her clients’ lives since 1994, so these books are based on first hand experience and success in healing a wide range of common health problems. In it she shares a holistic approach to wellbeing, as well as her simple and accessible food philosophy and principles. This resource is relevant, inspiring and well overdue.

Anthia shares: “It is my passion to educate and and inspire as many people as possible, to choose products and take actions that add health, peace, love and beauty to their lives and thelives of others. Education is the key and I want to empower the individual about how to take care of their mind and body throughout the day”

Anthia Koullouros is a Sydney naturopath, herbalist, homoeopath and organic health food and lifestyle educator. She is the owner of OVViO, the Padddington hub for her business which acts as a dispensary, shop for organic lifestyle products and consulting clinic. www.ovvioorganics.com.au