Story Behind the Only Chocolate Brand of the Glastonbury Festival

Seed & Bean, the UK’s only 100% ethically accredited chocolate company, has been chosen to provide the official chocolate bars of Glastonbury.  Festival goers will be able to enjoy three chocolate bars, including two new flavours, exclusively launched at this year’s event (June 26 – June 30), complete with newly commissioned retro wrappers by renowned artist Matt Lyons.

The Organic Seed & Bean Company was founded in 2005 by Stephen Rudkin with the idea to create an unusual range of confectionery and snacks. Each of the handmade chocolate bars from Seed & Bean is produced using the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. All bars are certified as Fairtrade and have Soil Association accreditation, ensuring cocoa farmers are getting a fair deal and the environment is being respected. The chocolate bars are made in small 45 litre batches in the factory in Northamptonshire, England, being one of VERY FEW British chocolate organic fairtrade producers in the country.

Steve began his mission to make Seed & Bean the UK’s most ethical confectionary brand in 2005, believing that “the chocolate of the future would have a conscience”. Two million chocolate bars later, the brand is now available in independent retailers all over the UK, online and in 11 countries worldwide.


Steve says; “This is a very special recognition for Seed & Bean. After 8 years’ work it’s great for the brand to be acknowledged and actively supported by the biggest and best Festival in the world. It shows that being sustainable and ethical can reap huge rewards, as long as you are also unique, delicious and affordable!”


Stephen was born in rural Derbyshire and spent much of his youth on the family farm.  Having been attracted to an ecological and sustainable way of life in the 1980’s, he set up Natural Life an environmental home delivery service for organic and natural products. Herbs, spices and aromatherapy oils were the best sellers in the emerging “holistic” trend, which Stephen is still very much passionate about.

After three years of struggle, Stephen realised he needed more experience and a bigger project to really make a difference. The following years were spent learning the trade from managing a health store, then “buying” for Holland & Barrett and travelling the country as a health trade sales representative. The next challenge was Green & Black’s and Whole Earth Foods as Business Development Manager. Nearly four years later sales had risen dramatically and investors had moved in. Stephen then moved on to become the Sales and Marketing Manager for Clearspring, the distributors of great tasting authentic & organic fine foods.  It was here where his interest in wholefoods really took hold.

After years of munching through divine roasted pumpkin seeds from Austria, Stephen had an idea – to follow their local tradition and coat them in the finest chocolate – for an organic experience unique for the UK and many European markets. He then set out to create a company that would provide a diverse mixture of organic snacks for adults and children alike.

The Organic Seed and Bean Company uses wholefood ingredients such as sunflower, pumpkin and soya beans plus essential oil based ingredients such as lavender, lime, ginger and other all combined with very rich organic, fairtrade chocolate and has been recognised with this final accolade of being chosen to supply the famous, ethically conscious music festival.