An Inspired Range Of The Tastiest Tisanes

The teas are all ethically-sourced, organic and Fairtrade. Essential’s farming partners grow the plants biodynamically to Demeter-certified standards.


This partnership between Essential and the Sekem project – a farming co-operative in Egypt – is thriving. First founded in 1977 on an area of reclaimed desert wasteland that has been transformed into fertile farmland, Sekem produces a variety of teas that are both organic and GM-free. The teas are blended and packed on site in Egypt for maximum freshness, aiding the sustainable development of the project further. The range is packaged in distinctive designs and jewel-like colours that make a really beautiful, and thoughtful, gift.


At just £8.00 the full selection of 6 teas, as a set, makes the perfect ‘Secret Santa’ for the office, or present for your child’s teacher at school, or a thank you token for friends and family who are offering you hospitality during the festive season. There’s a genuine feel-good-factor when giving, or receiving, something Fairtrade.


Camomile – calming camomile is the perfect alternative to caffeine at the end of the day, to prepare for a good night’s sleep

Camomile & Spearmint – a relaxing and refreshing combination, the ideal pick-me-up after a long or stressful day

Fennel – a refreshing natural ‘digestive’ with a light aniseed-flavoured freshness, to soothe and settle unhappy tums

Hibiscus – the very first Fairtrade hibiscus tea available, famous for its deep red colour, this tea is delicious served piping hot or iced cold

Peppermint – a crisp yet comforting minty freshness, ideal after a heavy meal to aid digestion

Peppermint & Spearmint – a slightly lighter flavour to pure peppermint, to refresh any time of day


Hibiscus is famous for reducing high blood pressure which is often at boiling point at Christmas, Camomile will help diffuse the stressful challenges of constant catering, while both Fennel and Peppermint will help digest all those mince pies! If you have any teas left over come January, you can start the New Year on a healthy note and swap your usual ‘milk and two sugars’ tea or coffee for a tasty tisane.


About the brand:

Essential teas are available from the online store at which is part of Essential Trading – a British Co-operative wholesaler, manufacturer and distributor based in Bristol, and one of the most established suppliers in the UK health food industry. The full Essential range includes over 900 lines. The Essential brand contains no artificial colours, flavours or modifiers. Everything is traceable, wholesome, packed with goodness, guaranteed 100% vegetarian/vegan.