Dylan Carter – a Name to Remember

Dylan Carter is producing food that is matching some of Australia’s best chefs. So you ask what’s so remarkable about Dylan Carter? He is a 14-year-old, doesn’t have a job, a kitchen or formal training, just a passion and a desire to create dishes that amaze and inspire.


Dylan has worked in some of Australia’s best restaurants, producing award winning standards with precision and technique well above his age. When you experience Dylan’s food you expect a chef with a lifetime of commitment and training to stand in front of you, difference is he is only 14, yes 14, not 14 years of cooking, only 14. This young man or very mature boy, how ever you look at him is producing meals to rival some of Australia’s best chefs.


The Australian Good Food Guide is proud to introduce the first Junior Development Chef, Dylan Carter. I recommend you click through and check out more of Dylan’s creations.


We have limited seats to experience this event; you don’t want to miss this one, book now!



Below is a link to more about Dylan, his story so far and some photos of his work. Including the next event.


Event blog



Dylan’s Blog



Dylan’s listing