Grilling Tips to Prevent Harmful Chemicals and Carcinogenics

As the summer heats up and the barbecue season reaches its peak, it’s the perfect time to remind consumers of the ways that they can safeguard their health (and improve the taste of the meat) when barbecuing this summer. Marinating the meat and switching to a smokeless, temperature controlled grill are just two of the ways to prevent carcinogens and other harmful chemicals from being inhaled.

Please find below Ten Top Tips that will help to prevent the formation of carcinogens and chemicals when barbecuing this summer. Working alongside BBQ champion Ben Bartlett, we have also developed a range of beer-based marinades that can be used alongside the Lotus Grill.

The recipes for Blackened Steak with “Can o’ Beer” Marinade, Char-grilled Czech Chicken and Black Beer Pulled-Pork Sliders are available on request.

1. Lower the temperature on your gas grill to prevent meat from burning and reduce the formation of carcinogenic compounds. A barbecue that has a temperature control dial will assist with this. 
2. Marinate your meat to create a barrier between meat and the formation of HCAs. 
3. Use a smokeless BBQ like the Lotus Grill, that has a built-in battery powered fan to stop the BBQ from smoking and prevent carcinogens from being inhaled. 
4. Switch to Seafood. Seafood typically forms less HCAs than meat and requires a shorter cooking time – reducing exposure to flames on the grill. 
5. Opt for leaner meats and trim any fat before grilling to reduce dripping and flame flare-ups. 
6. Cut down on grill time by oven roasting or pan-searing, or choose smaller portions like kebabs that require less grilling. 
7. Avoid preservative-packed processed foods 
8. Clean your grill after each use to avoid transferring leftover chemicals to your next meal. 
9. Flip meat frequently to reduce carcinogens that may arise 
10. If you do nothing else, pick off the burnt bits before eating.

Juicy steaks, chicken kebabs, and sizzling sausages are staples in any summer barbecue. But when red meats, poultry, seafood, or processed meats are grilled at high temperatures, the muscle tissues in the meat react to form chemicals called HCAs and PHAs. These chemicals can damage the DNA in our genes and may lead to cancer.

According to research published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, pouring your pint over your chops could cut out the carcinogens. Researchers in Portugal found that marinating meat in a beer decreased the levels of cancer-causing compounds by up to 53 percent.

Switching to a smokeless, temperature controlled barbecue like the Lotus Grill is another easy way to lower your cancer risk.

The new Smokeless Lotus Grill provides a healthy, low fat & calorie‐conscious method of cooking. The built-in battery powered fan stops the BBQ from smoking, to prevent carcinogens and other harmful chemicals from being inhaled. Excess fat and oil drips into the removable catching tray and not back into your food. And there is no need to add oil, as the grill reduces food sticking to it.

German-designed and engineered, the grill uses 90% less charcoal to cook the perfect meal. But undoubtedly the most amazing feature of the Lotus Grill is its speed! It will be ready to cook food 3-4 minutes from lighting. This is achieved by the patented ‘bellows’ system; an adjustable fan blows air directly onto the charcoal to create rapid high heat, and the desired cooking temperature much faster.

Even in the absence of smoke, you still get that delicious bbq flavour, as natural hardwood charcoal emit these flavours through invisible safe gases

The Lotus Grill has been designed with safety in mind. It’s portable, weighing only 4kg and does not require electricity or gas. The temperature is controlled by adjusting the inbuilt fan and the double walled construction ensures the outer frame and base never gets hot. Best of all, the Lotus Grill is dishwasher safe – meaning no messy clean up after dinner!

Lotus Grill is available from Cuckooland in two sizes; Standard (£129) Large (£199) & 6 colours. Available accessories include Grill Hood (£49) & Pizza Stone Set (£55)