Yoga Benefits Women With Gynaecological Cancers

The GOSSIP patient support group provides advice and information for women with gynaecological cancer. It was founded by the Gynaecological Cancer Specialist Nurses based in Yeovil and Taunton in partnership with women from across Somerset and Dorset who have had gynaecological cancers (i.e. cancers of the ovary, womb, vulva or cervix).


Attending meetings enables patients to meet with other women who have a similar diagnosis and may have had similar treatments. Partners, family members and friends are welcome to go along as well. Refreshments will be available. A specialist nurse is present at meetings and will be happy to answer questions and discuss concerns on a one-to-one basis.


The talk on the benefits of yoga will be given by Carol Watkins, Yoga practitioner, at Somerset Academy, level four of Yeovil District Hospital on Monday 25 February between 5pm and 6.30pm. Yoga is ideal for most people who wish to improve their physical flexibility and learn techniques to help with relaxation. Carol will also be talking about gentle exercises that can be done in a chair.


For more information please telephone Eileen Fort in the gynaecology department at Yeovil District Hospital on 01935 384454