Important Tips for Better Health after Cancer

Shun smoking

The moment you are diagnosed with cancer, the first thing you need to do is to shun smoking immediately if you are a smoker. As a cancer survivor, leaving smoking out in your daily habits would reduce the risk of developing another cancer in your body along with averting issues like strokes and heart problems. Though it could be difficult to give up your smoking habit, gradually plan to quit this habit for your own good, as soon as possible. Seek the help of your doctor to get rid of this issue or join any effective quit smoking program to liberate yourself from this habit. At the same time avoid being a passive smoker as well. Even if you do not smoke, staying with a passive smoker could be just as dangerous than being a smoker. So stay away from smoky places and prefer working in a non smoking environment. Also, if you have anyone smoking in your family who smokes, it is the best time to motivate this person to quit smoking or simply ask him or her to make your home a non-smoking zone to recover your health.

Take Zeolites

Typical Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and other medications, do contain very toxic ingredients which can remain in the body for a very long time. After you have had your full treatment, and have been given the all clear, it may be a very good idea to use Pure Body Zeoiltes.  Zeolites are micronised crystals from volcanic ash which attract toxins to them like a magnet. Your body excretes the toxins through sweat, urine and the colon.  There are many zeolites on the market but it’s said that Pure Body Zeolites by Touchstone Essentials are the best because they are very potent, 100% safe, affordable and have been manufactured in a lab with the strictest methods.   

Regularly exercise

It is difficult for many people to incorporate exercises in their daily schedule and at the same time it could be more difficult for the cancer survivors who have been leading a disturbed life going through the tiring treatments and other things. However, no one can deny the benefits of carrying out a regular exercise, which are enormous. It can help you in getting the right shape after surviving from the menace called Cancer along, with making your fit and healthy along with enhancing your mood and making you free from cancer related fatigue. It also helps in reducing the risk of getting other chronic disorders or diseases. This could be difficult, but consider starting gradually with things like walking, dancing, pilates, yoga and gardening then switching over doing a couple of exercises at home and at the later stage you could even think of joining a gym for a perfect workout session. Keep always motivated for carrying out exercises on a daily basis.

Eat a healthy diet

As a cancer survivor, it could be difficult for you know how and what to eat. The hospitals and doctors tend to give some very strange advice diet wise. I have heard many times that they recommend people eating sugary biscuits and other so not healthy things! You may find a couple of sprout wonder diet options over a number of books and sites, however, the fact is eating healthy food in the form of organic stuff is so important to maintain good health. A good and healthy diet can help your body to have a manageable weight without actually putting on weight. Remember the weight gain in your body could invite troubles for you; hence remaining in limits is the mantra for you by giving nutrients to your body along with the necessary energy to it. Consider having fruits, green vegetable and the whole grains option and prevent the red meat consumption to a minimum or cut completely for awhile. Consider food having healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats often. Taking high quality organic whole food supplements along with folate on a daily basis could be a good strategy.

Go for regular checkups and screening tests

As a cancer survivor, it is important to go for a regular checkups and screening tests. At the same juncture, it is always recommended to go for screening test for several other cancers and other ailments like diabetes, heart problems and osteoporosis. You could ask your doctor for a number of screening tests for colon cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer along with other issues like blood pressure and sugar.

Final word

It is vitally important for you as a cancer survivor to maintain good health by taking the best care of yourself.  When you have killed the biggest menace called cancer, the above tips could really help you remain cancer free. Try them out.

About The Author: Claudia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to Vahe Hayrapetian