The Connection – Mind and Body – Why Its Your Best Form of Healing

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when I was 24. Although my doctors meant the best for me, little was offered by way of explanation or cure. To make this film I met world-leading experts and found the answers I needed in pioneering medical science.

The Connection shows there is a direct link between our mind and our health. The film features scientists, researchers, writers and doctors, as well as remarkable true stories of people adding mind body medicine to their prescription and recovering from severe back pain, heart disease, infertility, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

This is the film I wanted to see when I got sick.

Shannon Harvey, Director


There’s a new documentary which recently came out that is a must see. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how much the mind and body are connected you will be blown away by what this movie unfolds.

Shannon Harvey, an Australian Journalist, worked very hard from a young age trying to climb up the ladder in media.  But by the age of  24 Shannon had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. She wanted to find out exactly what had happened to her and decided to put a documentary together to hear from world renowned experts, Scientists, Doctors, Writers and Researchers what could be causing all of this sickness in the world today.

There’s a 1 in 2 chance you’ll end up with a chronic illness. 

It’s likely you know someone, or you are someone who is sick.


As someone who has been very ill for most of my life (in fact I’ve never felt that well until very recently) I always knew that my mind’s health was key to what had happened to cause my sickness.  I grew up  a very sensitive person and was always arguing with my parents.  I took the negative words they said to me, completely to heart and the stress of feeling unloved and ‘unseen’ tore shreds through my health and wellbeing.  I repeatedly told my body awful thoughts ‘I’m not worthy, no one loves me, the world is a scary place, things will never be ok, I will always be alone’ because my subconscious and environment made me think that this was the truth.  From the age of 12, I was suicidal and by my mid teens, I was constantly fatigued and had problems with my gut health.  My depression was incredibly bad by my twenties and my health in general just wasn’t improving.  It took me a very long time to realise that I was causing most of my health problems due to what I was thinking and what I constantly said to myself.  I did also have toxic poisoning from lead paint, but the way I thought, was causing my body to not be able to detox efficiently.


This documentary is exciting because it shows us the proof that we can heal our bodies through the way we think.



The Connection shows us the latest research into:

how the mind signals to the immune system

The Second Brain (The Gut)  can ‘talk’ to the brain and influence behaviour

Stress and What happens to the body

Why having a spiritual practice is vital to health


We all have often so many fears, about money, our relationships, we feel too much stress, lack confidence, and have low self esteem, so our thoughts can usually be full of constant negativity. These thoughts send harmful chemicals to our cells and this can start off the disease process.

For many people with childhood trauma like myself, we often hold these trauma’s into our cells, and until we release those memories, they can literally stay in the cells and cause physical harm that continues to come back until it is has been dealt with.

So, what can help heal the body?



The connection focuses on the research into meditation and how much it can calm and heal the mind.  It is clear meditation is one of the most important keys to help  heal the body. It’s even been proven to shrink certain parts of the brain that have been damaged due to stress/trauma. Regular meditators, have been shown to heal 4 times faster than non meditators.




We all know Yoga can make the body better, feel less pain, become stronger and leaner but it also helps your mind to counteract negative thought processes.  During Yoga, certain areas of the brain have been shown to literally switch off, because people focus inward, instead of having many thoughts racing around in their mind.



Whenever I used to get upset, which was often during my youth, I would always feel it in my stomach and heart. If I had just had an argument with someone, my heart would race so fast and I would feel like my entire body was on ‘fast forward’. If I was so upset that I wanted to cry, my stomach would feel acidic and like it was on fire. These responses come form chemical reactions coming from the brain.

Happier people have been shown to live longer, and suffer with less disease. Thousands of studies published in Peer reviewed journals have shown this time and time again.  So whilst the world is obsessed with good ‘health’ to achieve holistic health, we must have more of a focus on mental health and increasing our happiness index.  I’ve personally spent a long time working on my bodily health, taking certain supplements, trying different diets etc, which have helped immensely but when I stopped all of those things, all of my problems came back, particularly how I felt in my mind.  It was clear to me, that my past issues were still right there locked inside my body and would still cause me problems until I treated the core issues.

Depression and heart disease are linked which makes total sense to me. When you feel constant stress, it attacks the function of the heart. I too know this because it happened to me, at age 30 I had a heart rate variability test (used by Scientists who treat the Russian Astronauts) and I had 13% damage to my heart which was proven by this test – I saw a 3D image of my heart and could see where the damaged parts were. Whilst Mitochondrial supplements helped heal the damage, if I was to stop taking them, my stress would kick back in and in a few years, the damage would more than likely be back.

If you change your thoughts, you can heal certain ailments and conditions. This is now proven by science.


 Human Connections

Another key to health is the quality of connections we have with other people. If we have lots of friends, are regularly laughing and having fun, and surrounded by loving family – this also impacts our health too.  The documentary talks about the USA town Rosetto which for many years had a very low heart attack rate.  Scientists wanted to know why this was so. It turns out the locals were mainly Italian migrants who lived in houses with many members of their family and were never lonely and had lots of interactions with other people. They often joined fun groups such as chess clubs which also added to their happiness. In years to come when these types of living areas were split up (into smaller families) their health declined and heart attacks were on the rise.


The most common drugs prescribed in the world today are anti-depressants – Dean Ornish MD 

Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California & Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute


 Our Doctors Need To Change

According to the documentary, there are over 10,000 peer reviewed studies about the connection between the mind and the body. So there’s an abundance of proof that for better health, its crucial that we incorporate mind and body enhancing modalities, so less drugs and more focus on the things I have mentioned above. But what are most GP’s doing about this? Whilst I am pleased to say that when I recently visited a doctor here about my insomnia, he did mention that stress is the main reason why people aren’t sleeping but unfortunately he still wanted to prescribe me medications.  There was no mention about yoga or meditation. There was no suggestion of me having therapy from the Doctor. I also visited a gorgeous spa in Italy late last year and the Chinese Doctor there was very honest and open with me and said ‘Anna you won’t ever be 100% well until you work on your emotional issues’. I agreed whole heartedly and asked him if he was open like this with other patients he saw. He said no, that it was very difficult to say these things to most people as it was not something that many people could handle hearing. I can understand his hesitation. Its not the done thing for Doctors of today to say ‘look to your  mind first’

For our health to improve collectively we need our doctors to say we need to look at your stress levels, what sort of emotional issues you have and to choose mind and body modalities to help heal your condition in conjunction with other things.

It is easy to assume also that because the drug industry is worth so much money, of course its not going to be easy for the mainstream to start talking about doing yoga and meditation – things that are free and don’t require medications!

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