Why Sea Salt Is Better Than Rock Salt

Minerals are Vital for Human Life

They contribute to the absorption of vitamins and, they play a major role in neutralizing the acidity in our body.

They also are an important part of our body structure.

In the early 1900s, McCann proved that animals fed a mineral-free diet died faster that if not fed at all.

Unfortunately, as Dr WESTON Price noticed in early 1900, our soil is already depleted of these minerals and so therefore are the plants growing in that soil.

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Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Fish and Man

This depleting process did not happen in the ocean at the same rate as in our western soils.

It is the Phytoplankton in the ocean which converts inorganic substances into bio-available minerals and then the zooplankton eating the phytoplankton concentrate these minerals. Ref, Prof M. Aubert University of Nice and Nobel Price, J. Craig Venter, Ph. D.

Bio-available minerals – this is an important point: in order to be ABSORBED minerals need to be BIO-AVAILABLE.

We CANNOT eat minerals directly from the ground; we CANNOT go into our gardens, take some rock, grind it up, dissolve it and eat it. THAT DOES NOT WORK.

Man cannot eat rocks. Plants “digest” minerals from the soil and then man can eat the plants and ABSORB the minerals. The plants make the minerals BIO-AVAILABLE for man.

This is the food chain.

Why is Sea Salt Better than Rock Salt?

Providing the sea salt is UNWASHED and UNREFINED it will contain these Bio-available minerals.

This is why good sea salt is grey.

If we wash the salt to make it white, we wash away the minerals and the result is a salt without these precious bio-available minerals for health.

Rock salt is another name for mineral salt. It comes from a mine. The mine is an old dead sea which was buried over millions of years by movements in the Earth’s crust. During this process, the Bio-available minerals of the sea fossilized and become rock.

Mineral salt is the salt used by the road maintenance services to ensure roads remain ice free in winter. It is not food.

Man’s food needs to come from living sources. Man can only eat and absorb minerals which are Bio-available.

This is why sea salt is better than rock salt.

In fact there is no choice: Sea salt is food for man. Rock salt is food for plants or the roads in winter.

Atlantic Grey Sea Salt or Celtic Sea Salt™

It comes from the sea which contains bio-available minerals and salts in the same proportions as the fluids in the human body.

Atlantic Grey Sea Salt is harvested by hand on the Atlantic coast of France; it is a nationally preserved area and registered as a World heritage site since 2002.

It is obtained by sun and wind evaporation and is free of any pollutants from mechanical and chemical processes.

It is obtained without alteration of the original content of the seawater.

Seawater is virtually the same fluid as our extra-cellular fluid: “Man is a living aquarium” (ref; Dr Jean Jarricot).

It contains a high percentage of Bio-available minerals and trace elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese, sulphur, zinc, iodine and other nutritive elements).This is why it is grey.

These organic minerals are all the basic food for our cells and glandular system.

This salt can contain natural iodine which is the food for the thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland plays an important role in detoxifying the body.

The thyroid gland also controls growth of the body and builds the central nervous system. This is very important for CHILDREN.

This salt will nourish the body. It has been recommended, for decades, by medical doctors.

Extracts from the book: A New Understanding on Sea, Minerals and Salt by Andre Delamare ISBN 978-0-9928298-0-3 foodaliveltd(at)gmail.com, 01342 458 259 – 079 51 144 122