Say In Do In Health – Bee Prepared for the Big Day

Weddings can turn even the most patient of friends into an unrecognisable Bridezilla. With an estimated £10 billion spent on weddings in the UK alone, a whooping average of just over £36,000 per wedding[1], it’s understandable why everyone wants their big day to be perfect! But never mind the bank balance, what effect can the stress of planning the big day have on our health? Angela Panagos a Nutritional Therapist from London recalls planning her wedding, how she stayed in health and shares her four step wedding nutrition plan –“As a newlywed myself, I recall the worries I had over falling ill before my wedding & honeymoon. As a nutritionist I know what a huge impact a poorly functioning immune system can have on overall health. Bee Prepared is my go to immune support and I highly recommend it. Bee Prepared is unique as it combines some of the most effective nutrients available for modulating the immune system which makes it convenient as well. I devised my ‘nutrition bridal bootcamp’ in the run up to our wedding and Bee prepared was part of my supplement regime and I felt terrific. I still take it regularly and always have good results with clients I have recommended it to.” 

Angela’s Four Step Wedding Nutrition Plan

1) Keep a food diary – Identify the sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods and remove them from the diet.

“I started with a food diary, even as a nutritional therapist I was amazed at how much sugar had crept in – sugar was BAD for all my goals, so that had to go. End of!”

2) Drink plenty of water every day – Aim to drink around 8 glasses of water, sipped slowly through the day

3) Balance blood sugar – Eliminate/reduce sugar, refined and processed  foods and replace with wholegrain alternatives plus vegetables and some fruit.

4) Boost your Immune System

Ensure that you are following recommendations above and eat a rainbow of coloured fruit and vegetables every day! Herbs & spices such as rosemary, parsley, chilli, turmeric, ginger & cinnamon are a beneficial too.

About Unbeelievable Health

* BEE Prepared Daily Defenceimmune support contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients. Adults take one daily to help maintain a healthy immune system, children under the age of 12 one every other day. RRP: £9.99

* BEE Prepared MAX Strength is a more concentrated version which also includes Astaxanthin & Reishi mushrooms for when your system needs an extra boost. RRP: £11.99 

Ethical & Award-Winning BEE Prepared immune support:

  • Research based formulas
  • Nothing artificial & no GMs
  • Vegetarian Society approved
  • Highly concentrated so fewer tablets required
  • Multiple award winning
  • Suitable for children
  • Made in the UK from high quality EU food sourced ingredients


  • Colds, flu & hay fever 
  • Before & during travel 
  • Sports, training & fitness 
  • Exams 
  • When feeling run down 
  • Daily maintenance of immune system 

• Bee Propolis
• Black Elderberry
• Olive Leaf
• Beta Glucans
• Astaxanthin (MAX Strength only)
• Reishi Mushrooms (MAX Strength only)

Available in Holland & Barrett & independent health stores