HONESTLY HEALTHY Launches Alkaline Superboost Powder Blend

HONESTLY HEALTHY, the home of delicious energy-boosting alkaline vegetarian food has launched the Alkaline Superboost Powder Blend – an extra healthy energy boost that can be added daily to your water, smoothies, protein drinks, juices and soups. Designed for busy people that don’t have the time to worry about if they are getting the right greens and superfoods into their daily diet. This is our first organic #helpfulhealth product to make people have more energy and have better overall health in just one small scoop.

The 150g covers 35 servings so enough for over a months supply retailing at £18.99 currently on honestlyhealthyfood.com

Packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein and amino acids, the Alkaline Superboost Powder Blend is the perfect accompaniment to give you that boost and the high concentration of chlorophyll means it is a natural detoxifier.

Packed full of a unique mix of organic superfood ingredients such as spirullina, wheatgrass, moringa, chlorella and maca, the blend is 100% organic and 100% vegan which helps to reboot your natural energy cycle in the morning. You can add 1 tsp to your smoothie or just into a bottle of water or instead of your matcha late try my recipe for your Green Superboost Coffee or Alkaline Superboost Smoothie*.

– SPIRULINA is an algae that is often recognised as the world’s most nutritionally rich superfood and is composed of 65% protein & amino acids. It is high in thiamine which supports your nervous system helping you to stay balanced and calm. Being high in iron is helps to boost your metabolism helping to reach your weight loss goals

– WHEATGRASS Is a powerful alkalizing superfood to help give you glowing skin. It also is a great immune booster to help felt the common cold, high in Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, E and K.

– MORNINGA Naturally rich in iron and vitamin A, morninga also provides a complete plant protein, similar to quinoa or meat. One of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet morninga is known for its medicinal properties through the ages, I suppose that is why its known as the Miracle Tree.

– CHLORELLA is high in vitamins B6 & B12 which are needed to support a healthy immune system, B2 also promotes strong hair and healthy skin. Chlorella is incredibly detoxifying helping to remove heavy metals and toxins including pesticides and alcohol from the body resulting in smooth skin and a stong immune system. It also helps to reduce bloating by balancing your good bacteria in your gut.

– MACA is commonly known as the ‘Peruvian Ginseng’ and is potent in B- vitamins and also provides vitamins C & E. It has also been known in some cultures to improve fertility and boost sexual function! Maca is brilliant for hormonal balance, added energy for endurance and stamina so great for a pre or post workout pick me up.



Green Superboost Coffee

Ingredients: 1 tsp superboost powder, 260ml plant mylk and ¼ tsp cinnamon

Method: Heat the milk and then blend with the cinnamon and superboost powder to make your green superboost coffee

Alkaline Superboost Smoothie

Ingredients: 20g spinach, 72g cucumber, 30g courgette, 120g pear (1 pear), 1 tsp alkaline superboost powder, 300ml filtered water or coconut water

Method: Blend until smooth

About HONESTLY HEALTHY and alkaline living

HONESTLY HEALTHY foods contain energy-boosting nutrients and alkalizing ingredients to help balance the typically acidic Western diet. Vicki and Natasha are on a mission to make alkaline eating a way of life!

Vicki said: ‘We are really excited to launch CLEANSE. It allows people to get their weekly fix of energy-boosting vitamins & minerals, alkalizing ingredients and natural liver purifiers.’

The body functions best when in an alkaline state and much of our 21st century food choices and lifestyle is acid-forming in the body, causing a range of conditions from indigestion and bad breath to kidney and gall-stones, IBS, troubled skin and lank hair. Eating a primarily vegetarian programme with an abundance of vegetables, some fruits, grains and pulses can help to redress the balance of a diet that has consisted predominantly of red meats and dairy produce (both of which are highly acid-forming).