Keeping your toddler healthy at the petting farm

The British springtime brings to mind farmyard visits to see new born lambs and chicks. With the popularity of children’s farms on the rise, spring isn’t complete for a toddler without a trip to see the tractors and animals.

Toddlers are renowned for wanting to touch everything and always seem to have fingers in their mouths. A farm visit is a wonderful and educational experience for children but it is important to ensure little hands are kept clean by following basic hygiene rules to avoid picking up germs and bacteria from the animals.

Fay Watt, Managing Director of first aid and healthcare specialists NatraSan, offers parents helpful top tips to keeping inquisitive hands germ-free at a farm visit:

Keep a close eye on kids and animals: Children will quite happily feed a salivating lamb and straight away put their fingers in their own mouths, even if you’ve told them not to! Pay close attention when feeding animals and give hands a good spritz of NatraSan when the need arises.

Pack an effective disinfectant: Packing a safe disinfectant that has the ability to sanitise a number of different surfaces is vital to keep your family clean at farms. NatraSan First Aid spray kills 99.9999% of germs – great for picnic benches.

Always wash with soap and water: As well as having a handy bottle of NatraSan with you, it is wise to ensure everyone washes hands with warm soap and water after petting or feeding the animals and again before eating.

Spritz hands regularly: There will always be the risk that someone doesn’t clean their hands properly with soap and water, and then touches items in the play or eating areas, for example, thus spreading bacteria. Using the versatile NatraSan spray will help to reduce the spread of any germs.

Don’t forget about your mouth: Little fingers are always going in mouths and this is a common way for germs to be spread. Always clean little hands egularly just in case your child touches an animal and then sucks their thumb, for example.

Fay Watt, Managing Director of NatraSan, says:

“With the popularity of farm visits increasing every year, we want to ensure that families stay clean and germ-free. NatraSan offers children and adults safe protection from 99.9999% of germs and bacteria – that’s over 100 times more effective than 99.9% products and the Travel Buddy is a handbag or change bag essential.”

NatraSan costs £10.00 for 250ml and £7.00 for 100ml – available at