The Real Reason to get Fit – Cheryl Brown

I’ve never been one for exercise.

At school, I used to rejoice on those days when it rained so hard they didn’t let us out to the playground. I was happier with a book than with a skipping rope. I had zero co-ordination and I couldn’t see the point of competitive sport. That might have had something to do with always coming last at sports day and never being picked when choosing sides. I was allowed to make the tea for visiting netball teams because they didn’t want me in the team, and although I was a very good girl at school, I did truant when it came to PE classes.

I got away with not exercising for years. I grew to accept that I was an indoor type of person and that was fine by me. Like a lot of women, I did panic at the sight of my post-baby jelly belly, and that forced me to some half-hearted attempts at gym membership over the years, but it never lasted long. I simply couldn’t find a physical activity that I enjoyed. That was a problem because although I wasn’t an exerciser, I was a do-er and I was desperate to look better.

Then my body shut down and my priorities shifted dramatically. The choice of whether to exercise was taken away and I began to view my body differently to the way I always had. Looking good simply wasn’t as important. When you don’t have the energy to manage the stairs on your own, the pressure to be slender and toned disappears and you can concentrate on building your strength from ground zero. At that stage it really doesn’t matter that you’re a bit wobbly and you can give yourself a break from the pressure to look good.

And you know what I found?

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