Esteck Bio impedence Analysis – Nat Med – Natural Medicine Clinic – Australia

It was only the other day at work that a few of my colleges were asking me about ‘waiora zeolites’. I was explaining to them how zeolites work and why I suggest them to be a better detox over other temporary detoxes. The conversion then led to naturopaths and their ability to help us in a natural way rather than the use of conventional medicines. Kristy, my lovely colleague happened to mention something about a machine or device that is hooked up to you to see exactly what is going on in your body and your brain.

In my bid to get super healthy, I went on a quest to find out all about this device and how it actually works. So off my partner and I went on a lovely drive up to Fremantle Markets to find this “machine”. As I jumped out of the car I was so excited to see all the healthy, yummy and cool hippy stalls either side of me. The smells of organic donuts to the smells of fresh fruit and vegetables blew my mind! We wondered around the stalls before we found the one I was actually looking for. ‘NatMed at the Markets’ BINGO!!!!

I had to wait twenty minutes or so for the other person to finish their scan. I did not mind waiting although I think it did bother my partner a little (men don’t like to wait for us ladies do they?!). In the meantime we grabbed some food and looked at a few more stalls. Strolling back, they were just about ready for me, so I filled out a bit of paper work and the naturopath sat me down at their computer. She then strapped a few creepy wires to my head and then asked me to put my hands and feet onto some metal pads. By this time I was feeling rather anxious!! Like ”oh my goodness what the heck are they doing to me?? Eeeeek!” The whole process was actually very quick, taking just a few minutes.

I was unstrapped and free to check out my results. You could say that I was a little scared and nervous to see what was happening in my body. They were unable to print the information off for me so here is a quick guide of my results. Read more