Barefoot Walking, it’s crucial for good health – Frank Arrigazzi The Barefoot Yoga Teacher

In our current days there are many un-natural behaviors that can deplete our inner balance and well-being; the excessive consumption of process and cooked foods, the wearing of fabric clothes, the use of the modern toilet versus traditional squatting.  But perhaps, the most common ‘civilized behavior’ known, and according to recent studies, could be the main trigger for many imbalances and inflammatory diseases that society suffers today, could be the“disconnection from earth”, due to the use of insulated shoes, the excessive pavement, concrete and constructions, and electromagnetic fields going on out there in our cities.

The expression “feeling ungrounded” has become common and affects almost everyone at some point during a lifetime and yet we never though about it as a symptom of a disconnection from nature. Lets start by looking to our own foot…

Our foot is an authentic miracle that has 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. It help us to support our whole structure and allow us to move, jump, and do many other things, but we constrict this human perfection 24/7 inside a shoe,no allowing to move as it was meant to be, breath, and touch the surface of nature. The consequences of that are registered in medical data in hundreds of foot problems for wearing shoes and not connecting with earth. Read more