My battle with Chronic Fatigue

Please forgive me for not posting much lately, I have been super tired and just not had the energy to write.

I find that I have to feel good to be able to write well, otherwise the words come out just like how I am feeling, empty and tired!

I have had this problem for many years and not much really has ever helped. I didn’t even know I had it till about last year when I started looking into it.  On my bad days, all that I can do is just do basic things and have to rest and even replying to emails is hard!

When I have to clean my house, I make sure I break up the jobs into little bits so I don’t get super tired.

It seems to have gotten really bad over the last few years, then again maybe its always been this bad as I never have had much energy. Even as a youngster, I was never the type to run around and want to do exercise, I always told my Physical Education teacher fibs so that I could get out of class.

I remember at the age of 16, I caught that ‘kissing disease’ syndrome (and sadly not from kissing a boy!) which is known as ‘Glandular Fever’ back in Australia and nicknamed ‘Mono’ in America.  I was wiped out for 2 weeks, literally just slept that entire time and felt very weak for ages after that.  I know I was tired before then, so I don’t think this is what caused it for me but I know for many, this is what brings on the start of Chronic Fatigue.

When I used to go away on trips with my parents, often all over the world, I would usually stay in the hotel room as I didn’t feel like going and knew that if I did go, I would need to sit down when others wanted to keep walking. So I really missed out on a lot.

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