The Seven Stages of Healing

The First stage is Denial, which I’m sure we can all identify with at one time or another.  The process of denial is our way of taking responsibility and starting our process of self-healing.  At this stage people need to feel secure and a certain amount of trust in order to speak freely, on how they are feeling, or what thoughts they are experiencing.

The Second stage is Anger, this a lot of the time, is the victim scenario, why me, oh poor me.  This can also be directed at everyone around us but ourselves, again the process of Responsibility.

I quote:” We need to overcome at least gross levels of negativity and afflictive emotions, then we can envision the possibility of attaining a freedom from negativity and afflictive emotions which is total”

Dalai Lama

The Third stage; Bargaining, (my speciality), the guilt feeling of,” if I hadn’t done this then x, y or z would never have happened”.  You slip into the old pattern of beating yourself up leading to the fourth stage.

Fourth stage; Depression, the surrendering of yourself because, “it’s all too much”, to go through and deal with.  We switch off all information we have learned; once again it’s the responsibility we choose not to listen to.  Also we feel a loss of the crutch or the victim mentality we have served so well and mourn this process of surrendering ourselves to the Divine knowledge, which we all choose to go through anyway.

The Fifth stage Acceptance; the plateau of discovery.  This is when we discover the illusion we have been taking part in is what we created for our highest guidance.  We discover who we truly are at the soul level and ready to move on to get to know ourselves better.  We can now let go of old patterns and conditioning to embrace and be guided by guides and ourselves.

The Sixth stage is Rebirth; to look at situations, feelings, and thoughts anew.  We realise all we need we have right here and now, all around us.  This stage whilst cleansing and very calm can be a period of retreat that in turn will allow us to see the new energy and spirit we have always had. This is a very strong feeling and allows us to move forward and embrace and challenge ourselves with all the thoughts and feelings we could not carry out before (because we were to involved)

The final stage, Seven, creating a new life; this is the last stage and also the beginning as we move forward into life.  We find ourselves finding new challenges and opportunities available to us that perhaps we wished for but were not available to us in our other stages of growth.

We have self-belief, faith, courage, self-love, humility, all these feelings and emotions are available to us now because we are giving out a new vibration, a clean aura, and we attract what we give out, unconditional acceptance of all things.

It is important I feel to point out, that whilst treating a client; they could be at any stage of the Healing process.