Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink!

When we’re de-hydrated we’re ‘sticky’! Other people’s emotions stick to us, toxicity sticks and stays, electromagnetic pollution sticks, fears stagnate in the kidneys, our cells suffer, our brain becomes a dry sponge, digestion stagnates, toxicity stagnates in the liver and it’s no fun! When we’re nicely hydrated we flow, our body’s happy and we’re happy.

On the flip side, there are of course those who drink way too much water because they feel (or have been told) it’s healthy… too much of a good thing can flood the system and leach important minerals. Moderation is the key as with all things and it’s super-important to listen to our body’s needs and follow that information. It’s also important to sip water over time rather than glugging it all at once!


Either way the quality of the water we drink is SO very important (in fact it’s the most important thing – there’s no point in drinking plenty of water if it’s toxic and de-energised).

We have the choice of drinking tap water which is laced with thousands if not millions of peoples oral contraceptive, pharmaceuticals, synthetic vitamins, industrial pollutants, toxic cleaning products, and I’d hate to think of what else… sure the water’s treated but it still holds the energetic imprint of where it’s been before and what it’s been keeping company with, and that energy has an effect on us. Oh dear! Or to drink bottled water that’s been stewing in carcenagenic plastics, yum! On the other extreme we have the choice (maybe not the easy-peasy-grab-it-off-the-shelf-of-the-supermarket choice) to drink pure, energised water that nourishes us (rather than burdening).

When we’re thinking of the quality of water, it’s energy is absolutely the most important thing. As Dr. Emoto demonstrated in The Hidden Messages in Water, the structure of water is highly dependent on its environment and emotions. A happy environment and a lack of toxicity, means happy water with molecules that are geometrical and have beautiful symmetry. Water molecules on the other end of the spectrum are mal-formed and chaotic. So when these molecules enter out physical structure you can guess what happens… the first bring balance and the latter bring chaos. Of course spring water and especially water from scared springs have the best molecular structure, no surprise there!

What to do? There are loads of ways to ensure that you drink good quality water, here are some of the things I do…

Avoid bottled water where possible! The plastic is a major no-no. Even water in glass bottles concerns me… water that’s been sloshing about on a truck in the sun (in other countries anyway!), being effected by the energies of everyone who comes in contact with it, sitting under neon lights on the supermarket shelf… I can’t imagine it would have good energy. When I’m out and about I use a Stainless Steel bottle from Klean Kanteen, there are other (very popular brands) which look great but have an internal coating which isn’t so healthy.

Filter your own & Energise.  At least this way you know the process you water has gone through and you can add to its quality. I use a Nikken water filter which has layers of mine

rals, volcanic rock etc and energises the water using magnetic energy and gives a lovely tasting ionised water. I also add Rose Quartz crystals to the base of the unit for a little extra healing energy.

During full moon I leave a jug of filtered water out with a crystal in the water… the water ends up tasting delicious and holds the energy of the moon. You could also invest in a vortex gadget which energises your water. And of course saying an affirmation or prayer before you drink your water will have a significant impact on it’s energy, and in turn your energy when you drink it.

Keep in mind that some filtration systems de-nature the water so anything you can do to add that life back in will help. You can also add a crystal of sea Salt or Himalayan Salt to your filtered water to replace the minerals lost during filtration.

Collect spring water. If you’re lucky enough to live near a natural spring, brilliant. Just be sure that it’s a good source before guzzling. Spring water is also full of minerals to help our cells to be healthy, and is brilliant for our guts… it’s full of bacteria which will help the gut flora, this in turn will aid digestion. Take a look at findaspring.com and invest in some lovely big bottles for collecting the nectar!

Sacred Healing Waters
 – I have a bottle of Sacred Haling Water next to my water filter and add a little to each glass to infuse it w

ith the lovely energy. It’s a combination of waters collected from sacred sites around the world  and combined to create a very healing mix. It can be obtained from Era of Peace or I’m happy to supply you with a bottle next time I see you (or will happily post one if you wouldn’t mind paying £3 for postage). All you do once received is mix it with a bottle of good quality water, say an invocation and leave it outside for a couple of days, then it’s ready to drink. And you can continue making new batches form the original. It feels lovely to drink!

Also, It’s important not to drink while eating. So many people don’t know this and jug down a big glass of water during a meal… imagine what that’s doing to thebody’s ability to digest. In Chinese medicine they say it puts out the fire of digestion!

And if water moves straight through you, i.e. you drink a glass of water and need to pee soon after, your Kidney and Bladder will most likely need some toning, fears realeased and toxicity cleansed. Holler if you need help with that!

Happy hydration!