A road to recovery with internal cleansing


When a someone comes along for a Naturopathic Iridology consultation I do tend to keep things simple. But most of the time I recommend various levels of cleansing for various people with different lifestyles, constitutions, and imbalances.

So ……after having been introduced to a raw vegan diet @ 5 years plus ago I decided to plunge into another level of tissue cleansing not long after starting this way of eating. This cleanse involved  various guided naturopathic techniques & emotional healing techniques along with the internal cleansing. It is intense but sometimes we need a warriors attitude to strip away those layers of resistance to take us a step beyond our usual comfort zone to enter into another realm of reality and freedom       :)

If you don’t take care of your body where are you going to live







My first ever experience of an intense 1 week cleanse was run by my friend  Peter Hinde held in a beautiful cottage, with 5 other people, in one of the most beautiful scenic parts of the country, Solva on the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales.

After driving across Wales from Manchester my chum Monica & I arrived at the cottage ready for a completely new experience! The cottage was just perfect and the surrounding coast and scenery were also just perfect for what we were about to experience. We later came to realise how special this area is. It is one of the least polluted areas in the country & the energy was so conducive to our whole week of healing.

The first night was just about getting our selves settled in, meeting the others and arranging the sleeping spaces with whom & what room to use . So that first night was  the only cleanse free night!       ;)

The next morning we were woken up at 6am sharp ready for the 1st of our 4  shakes of the day  –     psyllium husks & bentonite clay with water. The first mouthful really is not very pleasant but I found it easy to just get on with glugging down of this strange & slimy grey mixture because you learn very quickly , that the quicker you drink this strange mixture the easier it is, otherwise it can thicken into one real thick gluggy even slimier mess and its impossible to swallow.  Truly yuk!  We were then just glad to get back to our beds and nod back off into dreamland as we knew the next waking time was at 7.30am & this was for our Arise & Shine herbal capsules –these are taken 5 times through out the day with plenty of water.  So awaking again at 7.30 am is n’t at all that bad really as you can just reach out your arm and pop these capsules into your mouths with some water ….. and once again nod off  – easy peasy.

The `real –morning` waking hour was at 9am – I mean this is when you usually got up and stayed up for the rest of the day, well that is for the 1st few days anyway because later on in the cleanse there were times when standing or walking seemed like just like too much to do!     ;)
So at 9am it was shake time once again! Yes another of those grey concoctions to glug down. And then you found things to do between the next instalment of things to swallow which was some more Arise & Shine herbal capsules plus a green juice plus a liver cleanse concoction- (BTW,this is really yummy and it helps to stave of those hunger pangs), plus we always took a certain amount of colloidal minerals in spring water. Peter believes this is an essential part of the whole cleanse. When I did the cleanse then they were added to our green juice…..however I know things have been slightly updated since then.

The day carried on with us all swallowing, glugging and sipping all these various healing , cleansing concoctions that were going to help us feel healthier and more wonderful! Well this is what we used to all tell ourselves every day , one of our little mantras!!       ;)

We had heard and read testimonials from previous clients and Peter had brought the famous book written by Dr Anderson – “Cleanse and Purify Thyself“ – who cured himself & many others of many ailments. This book became my bible for sometime as the testimonials are just amazing alongside the incredible photos of the strange black “mucoid plaque” that comes away from the colon and in the shape of the colon!

We had only had one meal per day, which was all raw food. Nuts and fruit are usually  not recommended.  The green juices usually consisted of loads of wheatgrass  plus green vegetables.  Now, as the days passed by these green juices were easy to drink to begin with, but I  soon found out that as I started to pass that strange “mucoid plaque” stuff, which was on the second day, I began to find it more difficult to drink these green juices without feeling yuk!   Now I must say that some people found it easier than others.
Soon I began to experience some typical cleansing symptoms like feeling light headed, confusion, nausea, weakness, perspiring excessively and so on. And for this reason we all found great relief in the daily use of various types of enemas. The two bathrooms were in constant use. Either folks were on the loo doing the ‘mucoid- thing’ or they were finding refuge with the use of their enema kits.  These became quite a religious act as you can imagine. The shrieks from the toilet were quite a common daily event when someone passed the “mucoid”!! It might sound strange but if you can imagine passing feet/ metres of this stuff on a daily basis you would understand!! Christmas presents don’t seem quite the same again after the 1st Ureka shout from the bathroom!! If you really want to know we talked about this “mucoid” -stuff a lot. I had never seen this stuff before let alone quite believe this was coming from my very own bowel!    See picture below…..this is what really can come out from the bowel. It is a combination of the build up of hardened  mucus and undigested proteins like wheat, dairy, processed foods and farmed inorganic animal flesh etc… i.e. not wild alive foods. If you read the book by Dr Anderson he talks about people having removed crayons etc odd bits of things they may have swallowed as a kid that come out as hard as a tyre .

A video of intestinal views – colonoscopys  http://youtu.be/akACeJDWSPs  The reality of what these so called foods do to our intestines and our organs too

One thing you learn is to drink plenty of water! And I mean loads as it makes it a lot easier on the whole cleansing process.

I have to say the whole week became a unique and wonderful experience. Quite spiritual. Sharing a cottage with other people going through the same experience of cleansing is quite a bonding experience, not to mention we were a great support to one another. Emotions began to unfold in every way possible with the various healing techniques that Peter used alongside the cleanse. And as the “mucoid” left the body the emotions associated with the foods that formed the “mucoid” began to evaporate. Dr Anderson talks about the negative emotions that we experience at the time of eating these “mucoid” forming foods and as the “mucoid plaque” begins to dissolve so do the emotions attached to this stuff!  It  really  is quite profound. I noticed that I began to experience some extremely vivid dreams about white bread, in fact I could even smell the bread! And another one of the dreams I had was about me visiting a market with stalls laden with an abundance of all kinds of cooked meats and I remember drooling at the choice of all this. I do think that as the “mucoid plaque” began to dissolve,  and it was the “mucoid” linked to these foods?  The body definitely has its own body wisdom?         ;)

This very 1st cleanse week was a challenge! And at the end of it all I felt so peaceful and serene. The thought of returning to the city was not appealing at all. I decided to continue a scaled down version of the cleanse for another week or so, as things were `moving` so well!

It was great speaking to everyone else about how they experienced greater inner peace along with their improved physical symptoms such as cleared sinuses and the sense of smell  & taste had improved for everyone involved, plus a great deal more.

So since the 1st cleanse I have continued to go on these 1 week intensive Arise & Shine cleanses, because each time I have gone on one I have managed to manage my life a whole lot easier. I suffered from CFS where by my immune system was very low, suffering from Dysbiosis, Hypoglycaemia and allergies. I had at one point gone down to 6 and half stone , had jaundice, no period for two years amongst other symptoms not to mention depression galore. I was advised to eat raw food. So each time doing one of these unique cleanses I have been able to move on where by my body needed to be. And, I found it a whole lot easier to give up certain addictive foods. Things really do unfold and on my third cleanse I began to write poetry!

Since these Arise & Shine cleanses I have incorporated liver & gallbladder cleanses & flushes in a much bigger way using liquids before and after as part of the cleanse as recommended by Dr David Jubb .  I had read and followed The Liver Cleanse by Dr Hulda Clark and by Andreas Moritz in the past but I can honestly say I respected & resonated with Dr David Jubb ‘s  expertise knowledge on Live Blood Microscopy & Life colloid and more!    http://www.lifefood.com

I would recommend these types of cleanses to anyone who wishes to help improve their health
because health is wealth after all.

I will also mention here, that if I eat ANY cooked food I notice a build up of mucoid plaque immediately ….this is noticeable when I go to the loo the next morning. Freshly formed mucoid has a distinct smell . Once you know the fragrance!!! You just know when it forms by examining your poo             :)

So I question many a thing ……can you guess what that is?           ;)

But I can ‘t leave out the spiritual side either because all that gunk really does gunk up the emotions & soul too. Even if you have been eating raw food,  which as you know doesn’t necessarily  = healthy food,   for a number of years you would still benefit from these wonderful healing cleanses ! My other blog on the liver will hopefully inspire you too             :)








https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hotel-Molino-Gardens-Chefchaouen-Morocco/102126936525024    Dr David Jubb 14 day nutritional cleanse

And see Peter Hinde http://homepage.ntlworld.com/pshinde/index_nt_files/index.html


By Susan Laing