My life changing AtlasPROfilax Treatment with the Atlas Clinic London

Instant. Profound. Pain Free. Incredible. Life Changing

I could quite easily shed a tear or two as I write this because my almost 30 years of postural problems that also created enormous amounts of anxiety and extreme worries, have  all gone. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I would be able to feel…..normal inside my body.  And it’s all because of this incredibly easy, pain free and quick treatment.  I am however, kicking myself for not having this done years ago when I first heard about it.

I read an article about Atlas Realignment back in 2009 and remembered thinking gosh that sounds weird, moving a bone back into place mustn’t be a nice treatment! I asked a friend who had it done if it was painful and she said yes it could be so I was put off because I had always been so sensitive about my neck. I had avoided Chiropractic visits for that reason as I was scared they were going to ‘crack’ my neck.

But since having had the treatment done (only two days ago) Pain didn’t even come into the equation.  It’s simply not anything to worry about at all!

The Atlas bone sits right underneath the skill and is also right on top of the spine and spinal cord.  And according to many osteopaths and therapists who know all about the structure of the body, many people’s atlas bone does not sit ‘straight’ but instead is out of place and can cause a whole plethora of problems.

Here is what I had wrong with me, and until now, I was quite embarrassed to tell anyone for fear of sounding like a weirdo.

Ever since I was young, I could not keep my head straight in the center. If I closed my eyes and tried to keep it straight, it would always be ‘off’ to one side.  Whilst this sounds trivial, when it came to walking, I felt very off balanced and would consciously try and correct my tilted head to make myself straight, but it never actually did. Instead, I felt very wonky and not stable on my feet. So over the years, I have had to become very conscious of how I walked because I have fallen over many times in my life.

I have also had one leg shorter than the other and was told this was normal and that one had literally grown longer and the other did not. Apparently this irregular leg length was common and the best way to fix it was to wear orthotics in my shoes.  No one told me there was a way to fix this problem for good.

And because my leg was shorter (and the other longer!) this irregularity put my hips out and I suffered with hip pain in my right side for many years and when I was pregnant, it caused great pain for months.

Again, I was told not much could be done about this and that I would just have to have regular chiro or phyiso treatments to keep the pain at bay. No one told me that I could fix it so easily.

I also had shoulders that dipped to one side because of what I thought was my irregular leg length.  So my body, literally felt very lop sided and I felt very dizzy most of the time. So, I became a bit of a recluse over the years and when I was very unwell with chronic fatigue and depression, I rarely even left my house because the crowds and busy streets were too overwhelming for me to deal with.

And, I even ended up doing lots of recreational drugs later in life because they made my anxiety that was caused by my weird postural problems, disappear for a few short hours.

My neck, which had given me such grief from a very young age, was always so tight and my shoulders would bunch up, often leading me to have excrutiating pain where I would beg someone to give me a massage to try and release some of the pain.  Taking Ectacsy would tend to make my body feel loose and free so it became a drug of my choice for many years – the ultimate pain relief.

I also suffered with an incredibly tight jaw, and nothing I could do, would ever relax it. Its become so bad over the years, that it was actually causing my entire jaw to shift to the right so that it was not matching up to my top jaw. I could see that my lips weren’t in even alignment either. It was quite worrying to me as I thought what the heck is it going to do in the future if I don’t sort it out?

I know the clenching has even caused my teeth to wear down on one side due to this clenching and I also ate with food in my mouth on that side too.  This was a problem I noticed every single day. Actually they all were! As they are things that are hard to forget. Walking made me aware of my lopsided posture, and the pain in my body that would accompany that was pretty much always a constant reminder.

All of these problems made me think, what has caused them, and will they ever disappear? Will I ever feel normal in my own body?

Even after healing my depression and Chronic Fatigue these postural problems and chronically tight jaw were something I would literally do anything I could to get rid of.

I just didn’t know what could sort this out, if anything at all.

I kept hearing Atlas Realignment come up again in the media and something in me told me to revisit it, to find out more and what it could possibly do for me.

As soon as I read the list of things it has been shown to help, I booked right in and had high hopes that it could help me. But something in me was also a bit skeptical, could something so quick and easy, fix all of these weird things I had wrong with me?

Because I have been very touchy regarding my neck, I only wanted to do this with someone who had years of qualifications and Matthew Voights from the Atlas Clinic not only had the training in this relatively new technique, he also had 25 years of Clinical experience in both Osteopathy and Acupuncture. I felt like I was going to be in good hands.

When I met Matthew I was instantly made to feel comfortable and we had a good chat about the technique, where it came from and how a misaligned atlas bone is so common in pretty much everyone.  Matthew asked me about my symptoms that I had.  I had to run through a whole list with him but he assured me that these were actually quite common. What got me so excited that this may work is when Matthew started talking about the atlas being so vital in supporting a head to sit staight, and when it wasn’t, it would cause someone’s head to literally tilt to one side where they would try and compensate by keeping the head tilted up when it should just sit well, on it’s own.  That’s when I thought, Oh this really could be it!

I was of course, nervous about the treatment and what it would involve, after all, surely you can’t move a bone back into place without some serious pain? Matthew explained to me that the atlas bone sits in very soft tissues and muscles and that if you manipulate them, that will cause the atlas bone to go back into place.  And it could be done in just one session!

Matthew then went and had a look at how I stood and also took a measurement of my hips. He could tell that they were lopsided. My right one was lower than the right.  And when I lay on the couch he also saw that my legs were irregular. He even took a photo which I will add to this blog this week.  Then I had to look to the right and look to the left and tilted my head forward and backwards – all ways were a bit stiff, especially tilting back as I could never do that well.  At the hairdresseers I always noticed that when I was sitting at the basin having my hair washed, my head did not go back straight into it, the right side was always not sitting right and when they would cut my hair, it tended to be cut with one side longer than the other because whilst it was straight to them when they were doing their technique, as soon as I stood up, it would be wonky on one side. I would generally have to try and explain to them my weird story of my lopsided head! No wonder it’s been an embarrassing problem for me, right?

Then he had a feel of where my atlas was and said yes, there is a slight irregularity here.  I then had to sit up on a stool where the treatment was going to begin.  This is where I need to be careful of how I explain the machine because when a friend explained it to me those years ago, it freaked me right out and there is really no need to be scared of it!

Matthew used a hand held vibration machine that looks like something a nail technician would use to file around the nails.  It had a pointy length on the end with a small nozzle that was soft with a flat edge and most certainly not sharp.  This part was what was going to vibrate against the edge of the atlas bone and would cause the muscles and tissues to move back into place.  I had to rest my face against Matthews front body which was covered by a towel and despite how it sounds not at all weird.  It’s not something that can be done with you lying down. this seated position is necessary.  When on the machine vibrates at the back of your neck, Matthew knows where to do less and knows where to do more. Then he does the other side.  Because I was a bit scared, I kept waiting for something painful to happen but it just didn’t. It was weird yes, but no pain at all, even on the right side of my neck which was a bit more stiff than the left side. You don’t feel your boen go into place so if thats what you are thinking (I was until I knew!) then please dont worry about that. About 10 minutes it was over and that was it! Matthew made me stand up and I had to measure my hips and leg length again. THis is where you might not believe me but THEY WERE BOTH NOW COMPLETELY EVEN! I had no more irregularites with either of them! My legs were now the SAME length and my hips and the rest of my body was not ‘out of whack’ either.  I was stunned. (SEE BELOW FOR BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!) But what happened instantly as well was my jaw was no longer horribly tight. It felt free, loose and comfortable!  And that wasn’t all. I could now feel like my body was actually centred and I did not have a lop sided head which I would have to try and compensate by consciously thinking, keep that side up.

To say that I was amazed is an understatement. I have no real words to describe it really.

After the treatment, I went to a busy shopping street and I felt for the first time, truly confident to walk amongst the crowds.  I didn’t feel like I was walking strangely, and that people weren’t going to think why is she walking like that? I felt confident and happy that I was now comfortable in my skin.

Its been two days now since I had it done and on Saturday, I did wake up feeling quite sick. I was nauseous all day and it only subsided today, but I actually don’t know if thats part of what could happen afterwards or if it was something else that made me sick ( I did go on London tubes for the first time in months!). I also had a very sore neck where the machine went but thats totally to be expected.  And today (Sunday) its much better too.  I still have a magically clenched free jaw and I can tell that my body is getting used to this new alignment as its hurting a bit in opposite places.  But I know that will go over the next few weeks.

I went out again today and noticed that I still felt wonderfully centered and could look ahead knowing that my head felt balanced and the way it should feel.

I am looking forward to seeing what other effects I notice over the coming weeks and I will of course, blog again about it.

I cannot be more excited and grateful that I had this treatment. To say its life changing is an understatement.  I really urge everyone to have an appointment to see if your atlas it out of it’s proper alignment. Chances are it is. I asked Matthew how common it is and he said that in all the people he has seen no one ever had perfect alignment. And, even when its out by a small amount, it’s still ‘out’ and can cause a whole list of problems.

After reading the net about this treatment, lots of people say that since it’s a new treatment they might not do it, or would do it with someone that has osteopathy background.  Whilst I think yes you want someone with experience, don’t think that just because it’s new that its something that is dangerous or something to be scared of.

If you have back, neck, hip, or jaw pain or anything that is causing you grief to do with your structure, you may be able to save yourself years of worry, anguish, pain and money because this treatment may be able to stop all of these things continuing.  I feel I was a severe case of having so many odd things not right with my body but now I realise it’s quite common in lots of people! I put up my thoughts after the treatment on my facebook page and so many people commented saying that they too, felt wonky and a bit weird in their own bodies.  Now that I have visited Matthew and he told me that pretty much everyone has this bone out, then no wonder I had the response I did. People just don’t tend to talk about it because admitting you feel lop sided is a strange thing to say.

Another benefit of this treatment is you only need one adjustment.  Once its done, it’s there for life so don’t think you are going to have to keep going back again and again to have it put back into place like so many other treatments tell you. 

Whlst the appointment fee is not inexpensive, its worth every penny if you ask me.

£160 includes the session and consultation with Matthew, plus a follow up check up in a few weeks or one months time.

I can’t wait to go back and to report the good news to Matthew and what he has done for me.  I may even have to hug him!

If any of this resonates with you, then please look into it further, this quick and painfree treatment may give you enormous benefit and change your life, like it did mine!

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The Starting Point

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra – the atlas – is misaligned (or ‘luxated’) in most humans? We define the atlas as misaligned when the convex bony formations (occipital condyles) on the sides of the hole in the base of the skull (foramen magnum) do not properly fit into the convex receptacles on the top of the atlas (superior articular facets). Furthermore, one side of the atlas (transverse process) is inappropriately locked in front of another bony formation of the skull (styloid process of the temporal bone).

This condition leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Fortunately, it is now possible to relocate the atlas to its correct position using the AtlasPROfilax® method. This technique was discovered and developed in Switzerland between 1993 and 1996 by René-Claudius Schümperli (who was himself painfully affected by a misaligned atlas).

The Cause

A misaligned Atlas causes a reduction in the diameter of the aperture at the base of the skull and vertebral canal. This disrupts the normal flow of information between the brain and body through the vertebral and carotid arteries, the lymphatic system, the cerebral spinal fluid, the meningeal system and the spinal cord.

The Symptoms

The atlas carries not only the skull, but also facilitates SUSPENSION, BALANCE AND CONTROL of the human spine and skeletal system.

A misaligned atlas can cause significant adverse changes to the posture. The results are symptoms such as recurring headaches/migraines, neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, lumbago, herniated disc(s), scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, tilted pelvis, hip joint pain, maladies of the knee, difference in leg length,etc.

The Method

R.C. Schümperli developed a method which is unique worldwide, to correct a misaligned atlas with only one application, accurately,safely and permanently.

The AtlasPROfilax® application consists of a safe, strategic, non-chiropractic massage to the short muscles of the neck, to loosen the tension and allow the atlas to return to its natural position. A subsequent appointment to recheck the atlas and offering additional support for the self-healing process is essential.

The Self healing process

When the atlas is in its correct position, the brain can function undisturbed. This promotes a feeling of harmony, setting self-healing and regenerative processes on course throughout the body. The entire human organism begins to function to its fullest potential.

In addition, other treatments and therapies will be more effective as a result of a correctedatlas.


Body cells and organs do not, however, regenerate overnight. After the relocation of the atlas by the AtlasPROfilax® Wellness treatment, a person responds according to their individual physical and psychological condition. Healing is immediately initiated and for many symptoms are relieved.

While others, especially those whose bodies have never functioned correctly or with full capacity may require more patience.

Advice on after effects

Following the AtlasPROfilax® Wellness treatment, it is possible that you will experience a variety of responses all of which indicate self-healing has begun. These may include tiredness and muscle tension around the neck and lumbar region. You may experience mild versions of past ailments which have not yet
completely healed. They can present themselves temporarily and in a changed form.

We recommend you observe your body carefully and write down changes in the way you feel. Support the self-healing process with regular back and neck massages as well as relaxing baths.

The Method’s Quality

The AtlasPROfilax® Wellness application can only be practised by a specialist – an AtlasProf® – who has been educated and certified by the Atlas Academy® in Switzerland, SA CH 3960 Sierre. The method is non-medicinal and is non-chiropractic.

What if my atlas is not misaligned?

If your atlas is assessed to be in its correct neutral position no charge will be made for your appointment