Is Clutter Clogging Up More Than Your Closet?

Clearing has the power to transform your life, because clutter in your external environment is the physical manifestation of all the clutter clogging up your internal world. And why go to the effort to have a spring clean? Because it will have a far-reaching positive effect on every area of your life, ushering in more fulfillment, happiness, health and abundance. 


As our society continues to support excessive production of short-lived, disposable items we are making more purchases and accumulating more clutter in our lives than ever before. It is not just our closets that are jam-packed. Overwhelm triggered by multi-media exposure and compulsive multi-tasking at work and home overload our minds. Fast-food, pollution and products clog up our bodies, resulting in illness and fatigue. Calendars bursting with our busy-ness burden our relationships and sense of personal space.

With so much stuff filling every area of our lives it can be quite a challenge knowing how or where to begin clearing. Often the easiest place to start is with the physical. Because our internal and external worlds are intrinsically linked, clearing clutter on the external has a direct effect on the internal and visa versa. By letting go of objects that no longer bring you joy, have a purpose, or serve you – you create internal and external space. This creates a ripple effect across your entire life. 


Every item you have in your possession is attached to you energetically. You are quite literally connected to every object in your home, office, garage, loft, and in storage by tiny energetic cords. The things that are useful to you, that add value to your life and serve a current purpose are charged with positive energy, which replenishes and enriches your life. But the things you hold on to that you don’t really like, don’t ever use and don’t need anymore have the opposite effect on your energy. Things that no longer fit or serve you, drain your energy. If you often feel overwhelmed, tired and drained this is because lots of your energy is being depleted by things that you no longer need. By releasing these items from your life and letting them go, you cut the energetic cords binding you to them and actually gain energy. Imagine how much energy you could gain by clearing all the clutter from your physical environment!


Sian Hill, a Senior Account Manager, recently moved house and found this the perfect opportunity to de-clutter. “I donated a lot of my possessions to charity and even organised a car boot sale,” Sian says. Freeing myself from my old clutter and an environment that wasn’t serving me anymore has given me a whole new lease of life and has freed up finances to fund the courses I had been looking in to.” Sian has a new motto these days. If something doesn’t feel right she de-clutters without delay or feelings of guilt. This leaves space for positive, happy things that energise me at all times,” she claims.


Many people hold on to unwanted things because they fear that if they throw something out they might later discover that they needed it. For many, this fear has been embedded in family psyche since wartime rationing when food, clothes and goods were not readily available. People held on to their belongings for as long as possible, which is when the ‘make do and mend’ ethos emerged. People sought security in their possessions. After the war they gradually regained purchasing power and bought with abandon whilst still holding on dearly to what they no longer needed, wanted or loved. When clearing clutter, deeply held fears often bubble to the surface. This is a natural part of the process of letting go, because you are when clearing you are not just releasing your things, but also the underlying beliefs that have kept you hoarding.  


Hoarding also strains our purses – not just in the amount spent on items we don’t actually need, but also in their storage. The continual purchasing of items can take over entire rooms or areas of houses. Chantal Cooke, co-founder of Passion for the Planet, had a whole garage full of old things she no longer needed. Following a huge clear out she has since converted the garage into a beautiful office space which overlooks her garden. “I donated many items to charities and locals schools, sold some on eBay and gave some away through freecycle,” Chantal recalls. “Clearing the garage acted as a catalyst for me to sort through things I’d accumulated in my loft too.” After de-cluttering many people find renewed enthusiasm to make the most of their space and change the arrangement of their furniture and things around, which reenergizes the space and their emotional wellbeing.


The rewards of clutter clearing are phenomenal. Letting go of the physical things in your life that you no longer need, love or have a use for enables you to create more space for you to enjoy the items that you truly love and cherish. It helps you to experience greater joy from spending time in your living or working environment. Clearing also creates space at an energetic level for new things to come into all other areas of your life, be it new items, relationships, career advancement projects, money, love, travel, creative ideas or self-development opportunities.


As you begin your clearing process first put aside all the things you instantly feel drawn to that you defiantly want to keep. These are your treasures. The things you use regularly or love to have in your home or workplace. You are likely to find some hidden treasures here, which have perhaps been long buried by the clutter!  Whenever you come across an item that you are unsure about hold it in your hands and tune in to your inner guidance. Notice whether you sense your energy expand or contract as you hold it. If you feel a sense of warmth in your heart, excitement in your stomach or fond warmth across your body then you know the item is a treasure. If you don’t feel anything at all – check in with whether the item serves any practical purpose in your life. If yes, keep it. If no, let it go. If you feel anxious, nervous, resentful or a tightening, heavy or restrictive sensation when holding an item then that’s a sure sign it energetically drains you. 


There can be a temptation after sorting through your clutter, to store boxes of stuff up in the loft or out in the shed or garage. The complete benefits of clearing clutter cannot be experienced until you have totally let go of your stuff, that means sending it on to its next destination, whether that’s a new home or the recycling bin. When you have finished clearing your selected area trust your instincts on what to trash and trash fast! Items can only be released from draining your energy once they have left your possession and are no longer your responsibility. So, take action quickly. The sooner you let go the sooner you’ll be truly free of your clutter inside and out and feel the benefits energetically of having created space for yourself.


For Tammy Gray, the process of de-cluttering her personal space had a huge impact. This process of change has helped me in so many areas of my life,”she enthuses.“From appreciating my friends and family more to re-visiting my own personal understanding of spirituality and in general, being kinder to myself and those around me.” 


You will definitely feel a sense of energetic lightness when you let go of things that have been draining you. With this may come the temptation to fill the newly created space back up with things you don’t need. Don’t succumb! Trust your Space! Breathe into it. Honour it. Cherish it. It is space for you to truly treasure the beautiful things you have and space for you to be you. From this space you can enjoy replenished energy, increased creativity and the room for new, better, brighter and often unexpected positive things to flow into your life. After you’ve had a good old clear out continue to trust that just as easily as new things flow into your life, it is safe for you to continue letting things go. 


Jayne Morris, Author of Burnout to Brilliance has helped thousands of people around the world to clear clutter from all areas of their lives.

Follow Jayne’s 5 Top Clutter Clearing Tips:


1.     Select a Starting Point – Pick the area that makes you sigh and feel heavy or frustrates you the most.


2.     Trash or Treasure?  – Put aside all the things you definitely want to keep. These are your treasures.  Bin anything that makes you feel heavy, anxious, nervous or resentful.Ask yourself “do I need this/ use this/ love this?” If the answer no, then out it must go!


3.    Trash Fast! – Bag up your old things and get them out of your house or office completely (do not put in loft or garage). Take action on this fast. 


4.    Trust Your Space – Avoid temptation to create more clutter.If you don’t really love something, don’t buy it.  Keep your space clear and your mind will feel clearer too.


5.    KISS– Keep it simple sweetheart! Reorganise your space so that the things you use the most are located together, this will save you time 😉

About Jayne:

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