Slow Down the Ageing Process

DNA is where ageing takes place. Telomeres are humans’ non-coding sequences in DNA which are important aspects in the stem cell theory. Accordingly, an unhealthy lifestyle forces your cell turnover to grow, which means that you are not able to replace each single dying cell. On the contrary, you are making your cells die out quicker, also helping more cells to succumb to disease.   

As mentioned earlier, telomeres are built on the end of chromosomes to protect them and slow down the ageing process. 

Telomeres are built by enzymes which most cells lack. As a result, we struggle to maintain healthy telomeres which are crucial for longer living. Stem cells, on other hand, can assist us in the cell restoration process. However, we do not have enough of these stem cells to maintain a good rejuvenation pace. 


It might sound trivial but smoking, obesity and low socioeconomic status affects the telomeres’ length and can potentially speed the ageing process up. Living a healthier life by eating well, exercising and avoiding as many bad habits as possible is clearly a good living approach. This also improves telomeres’ lives by slowing your ageing down. Whatever has already been done cannot be undone. Scientists believe we cannot restore whatever has been damaged by poor habits, diet and lifestyle choices. 

On the other hand, humankind does not give up on leaving the situation the way it is. Scientists are working on finding a “magic” pill which will help to restore the damaged cells. Astragalus membranaceus is a Chinese flower plant is believed to be able to active or even assist in re-activating telomeres, extending the shortest of them. Although many scientists do not believe in the existence of a reset “button” for telomeres, many people find snake oil to be a potential ageing remedy. 

Many businesses are taking advantage of vulnerable peoples’ attempt to slow down humankind’s biological clock. On the other hand, exploration is all about trying things out and then observing what works better. While some are very keen to pay a lot of money for suspicious medications, others simply re-evaluate their lives in order to increase their life span. It is found that one of the best ways to increase the number of years in your life is to eat less than the body wants. Although it might sound like another dieting fad, appropriate studies on mice showed that calorie restriction resulted in a number of health benefits in mice lives. 

It appears that the best way to live longer is to take a good care of ourselves. And if the “magic” pills arrive, it does not mean that we can take all the bad habits aboard and rely on chemicals. However, who knows. Living is learning and we will continue to learn more as we live.