What Mom Never Told You About Exercising

Summer is right around the corner and, in many cases, New Year’s Resolutions about incorporating an exercise routine into our daily lives are out the window. The good news is it is not too late to get into shape before summer weather is upon us. Follow these simple exercise tips so you will be bathing suit ready and in shape for outdoor activities.

How to make lifestyle changes

In addition to incorporating regular exercise into your daily routines, there are certain lifestyle changes that also must occur. Such changes include controlling portion sizes, reducing caloric intake, and avoiding sugary foods as often as possible. Do not deprive yourself of sweets because that could backfire with overindulgences at another point. By making these simple changes alongside cardiovascular and strength training, you will be well on your way to leading a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle will help you get into shape before summer arrives.

If you are not interested in strength training, cardiovascular exercise delivers excellent results on its own.

Start exercising slowly and do not over do it!

Beginning an exercise routine could seem overwhelming, particularly if you have just picked up a gym membership or started an aerobics class. The key to staying on track is to start slowly and work your muscles easily. This will help get you into the habit of exercising regularly and prevent you from pulling or damaging your muscles. For example, do not attempt to run a full mile the first day into your training. Start slowly by going for a brisk walk for a short period and, as your body begins conditioning to walking, you will begin feeling compelled to run.

Start slowly to prevent injury to your muscles.

Make small changes in your diet

When making changes to your daily diet, do this gradually so it will stick. For example, add an extra serving of fruit and vegetables to your lunches and dinners. This will help keep your body fueled when you begin burning calories during daily exercise routines. Drink as much water as possible and consider replacing one sugary drink with a glass of water. Before you know it these changes, in conjunction with exercising daily, will become a habit. 

Make some plans and set goals

Meal planning will help you make changes to your eating habits, and setting goals will help you with your exercise routines. If you have joined a gym, work with a trainer to set measurable goals to prevent you from derailing from the plan. Setting goals helps keep you motivated, gives you reasons to congratulate yourself, and determines when you need to step up your exercise routines to something more challenging. These goals should include a weekly schedule incorporating three days of cardiovascular activity, two days of strength training, and two days of rest. 

Keep the warnings in mind

Your body needs at least one day of rest when introducing physical activities that you have not done routinely in the past. If you have room in your routine to add in two days of rest immediately, then that is optimal. By giving your muscles a chance to adapt to your new routines, you have a greater chance of success and lesser chance of becoming injured. Make sure your body stays fueled with protein rich foods, fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water. 

About the author: Jenn Greenleaf if the author of From Weakling to Warrior: A Bodybuilding Book, that advises beginners how to get started with basic bodybuilding and healthy eating routines. She also writes about reputation legal matters, gardening, and small business practices.