How good sleep can boost muscle growth


People who want to build muscle often follow a high protein diet to encourage growth, yet consuming high levels of protein and cutting back on carbs blocks the body’s ability to absorb tryptophan, which is essential for good sleep. During sleep your body releases its biggest surge of growth hormones, encouraging muscle mass to increase too.

Sleep expert Dr Craig Hudson, founder of natural bedtime beverage ZenBev, commented: “Sleep is incredibly important to a general healthy lifestyle, but particularly for bodybuilders. However, quite often diets these people follow to gain muscle mass will limit carbohydrates, which this can be counterproductive because it will impact quality of sleep and therefore slow the body’s muscle growth.


“Consuming a Tryptophan-rich drink such as ZenBev is clinically proven to aid a natural deep sleep, encouraging muscle growth even when you’re not in the gym.”


Zenbev is an all-natural healthy drink recently released in the UK. It is derived from pumpkin seeds and works with your body to create more sleep enhancing hormones.


Zenbev is available in chocolate and lemon flavours in 250g packs for £24.99. For more information, for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep from sleep expert Craig Hudson or to buy Zenbev visit