How Do Low Carbohydrate Diets Actually Work?

Eliminating Certain Foods

When you go on a low carbohydrate diet, you automatically have to eliminate certain foods. For example, you are not going to be eating pasta anymore, and you aren’t going to be chowing down on those thick slices of French bread either. Ultimately, these foods both have other substances that are not great for weight loss either. For example, you can certainly find a lot of sugar in breads and pastries, so you will be cutting back on these products as well.


Water Weight

If you look at the word “carbohydrate,” you likely see the word “hydrate” in there, so it’s no surprise that water weight is part of this process. Yes, dropping water weight certainly does help you to keep a trimmer waistline, but water weight is also easily put back on. Basically, water weight comes from bloating. While it is part of your “real weight,” water weight is the reason why you might fluctuate several pounds from day to day. Low carb diets make you drop a lot of water weight, so if you start eating carbs again, you’re just going to put all of the weight back on.


Muscle Tissue

On top of the water weight component, Weight Loss Resources’ article “Low Carbohydrate-How Do Low Carb Diets Work?” which was reviewed by a Juliette Kellow, a dietician, notes that when you do these diets, a lot of the weight lost is coming from your muscles. Kellow goes on to explain how muscles are such an important part of permanent weight loss. Ultimately, the muscles in your body help to get rid of that fat. Therefore, as Kellows explains, if you do not have enough muscle in your body, then it is slowly going to become harder and harder to burn fat. In the event that you start to add those carbs back into your diet, you might notice that your weight starts to come back onto your body at a rapid pace.


The End Result

While you are almost definitely going to drop some weight when you participate in a low or no carb diet, you need to consider the facts that have been presented above. Ultimately, you are not really losing fat; you are losing both muscle and water weight. Therefore, the minute you start to incorporate carbs again, the dynamics in your body are going to change. You might wind up putting on so much extra weight that you end at a higher weight than that at which you start.


Having a nutritious diet that incorporates many different foods is usually the best path to go on when you want to lose weight and eat with health in mind. Always talk to your doctor about the options that are best for you.


Author Pam Johnson is a nurse who promotes low carb diets as a healthy way to lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight. She obtained her degree from one of the Top Online BSN to MSN Degrees