Sleep expert: How to beat health impact of ‘lizard-like’ summer slumber

The type of sleep we achieve during the summer changes, with deep dream-like sleep (REM) being interrupted by warmer temperatures.


Dr Craig Hudson, sleep expert and founder of bedtime beverage and natural sleep aid ZenBev encourages people to take simple steps to ensure quality sleep is not sacrificed this summer.


He says: “Despite the unpredictable British summertime, temperatures will be rising over the next few months, which will inevitably disturb our sleep patterns. Couple this with lighter mornings and evenings, it can have a detrimental effect on our quality of sleep.  There are a number of ways to keep temperatures down at night in the summer months which can ultimately lead to better slumber. Good quality sleep is essential for health and wellbeing, as a way to beat stress, maintain a healthy weight and boost the immune system.


Dr Craig Hudson suggests the following top tips for a better summer night’s sleep:

ü  Keep hydrated during the day

ü  Invest in a lighter duvet to ensure the optimum body temperature is maintained

ü  Keep to your usual bed time – staying up later will confuse your body’s natural sleep pattern

ü  Have a cool bath or shower before bed

ü  Sleep in 100 per cent natural cotton sheets to  maintain a cool sleeping environment

ü  Use black out curtains or blinds to keep rooms dark


Dr Hudson is founder of Biosential, a company dedicated to researching sleep disorders and developing natural solutions. His work is behind ZenBev, an all-natural healthy drink clinically proven to aid sleep, which has recently been made available in the UK.


ZenBev is made from organic pumpkin seeds and is rich in tryptophan, which in the presence of the right kind of carbohydrate stimulates melatonin, a natural sleep drug. It is now available in the UK, priced £25.99 for a 250g container providing product for approximately four weeks.



Craig Hudson MD is a psychiatrist with an extensive background in brain research and a focus on combatting insomnia with natural health solutions. His research is widely published in respected peer-review journals including the British Journal of Psychiatry, Archives of General Psychiatry and Nutritional Neuroscience to name a few.


Throughout his career, Dr. Hudson has maintained a balance between research and clinical work.  His current research focuses on natural health solutions to common psychiatric disorders, particularly natural source tryptophan and essential fatty acids.