Why Office Water Coolers are Good for Your Health

Why Water Is Important for Health

The body needs water to replace the fluid that it loses continuously every day. Water is lost through sweating, in urine and stools, and even when breathing. Water is needed in the body, for instance, in circulation, in digestion and in the regulation of body temperature. Water helps the detoxification process that happens through the kidneys, and the kidneys need enough fluids to keep functioning. A good intake of water keeps the digestion functioning properly and improves bowel function and elimination.

Water is also important for the skin. An adequate intake of water can help the skin stay moisturized and even to look more youthful. Drinking enough water can also help with weight loss if it is used instead of soft drinks.

How to Drink Enough Water

If you lose more water than you drink (for example when the weather is hot or when exercising), the body can become dehydrated. It is especially important to replace all the water that has been lost during exercise, because muscles need water to perform. Lack of fluids affects performance during exercise, and dehydration can lead to muscle fatigue.

According to NHS Choices, symptoms of mild or moderate dehydration include light-headedness, dizziness, headache, concentrated (dark yellow) urine, tiredness and dry mouth, eyes and lips. The feeling of thirst is a sign that the body needs to replace its fluids. Some people, for example those in the old age, are not able to feel thirsty even when their bodies need water. Alcohol causes dehydration, and it is often not easy to notice how dehydrated you are if you have been drinking a lot of alcohol.

Most people carry a water bottle today wherever they go. Most workplaces have office water coolers, and one way to stay hydrated is to get a glass of water from the cooler at regular intervals. Staying well hydrated at work is important, as the office air can be dry and it is possible to lose more water through the skin than one realises.