Testosterone – cause of Autism? Genetic blip gives clues.

 Tony Bateson claims their work and his own fruitless search for unvaccinated people affected by autism triggered the UK Department of Health to withdraw mercury containing DTP vaccine in September 2004 without explanation. There are over two million people in the UK who did not receive childhood vaccines, but none of these seems to be autistic. If this is key to autism Bateson says it is deeply unsettling that medical professionals have failed to notice this anomaly for seventy years.

The UK holds unique clues to autism not evident in the USA because of the UK’s large numbers of unvaccinated individuals compared to the USA’s less than 2% unvaccinated birth cohorts and because of the UK’s high quality data on vaccine uptake.

Bateson says he saw puzzling testosterone anomalies at first hand when working as a trustee and as Vice-Chairman with the National Autistic Society in the eighties. He is horrified by the prospective pointers to this life long condition being right under the noses of leading workers in the field thirty years ago. Bateson puzzled for twenty years over the curious case of the simultaneous presence of both too little and too much testosterone in autism groups.

But in 2002 Bateson heard Professor Boyd Haley, US mercury expert, and first to identify testosterone anomalies speak at a vaccine conference in the USA in November of that year. Bateson said ‘I almost rose out of my seat as the testosterone links leapt off the screen’. Since then at least ten scientists have reported upon curious links between testosterone and autism, the most curious of which must be in the rarefied study of fluctuating asymmetry and the extremes of testosterone exposure. Taken together these links explain causation in convincing terms.

There are large communities in the USA, some many thousands in numbers, the Amish in Pennsylvania and the Homefirst natural medicines group of general practices around Chicago, where no autism exists in their populations. These groups do not routinely vaccinate their children.

Bateson says autism is the world’s first man made ‘shelf life disaster’ where a preventive material (Thiomersal containing mercury) added to vaccines to protect against contamination, actually raises the potential to cause harm when it meets elevated testosterone in the human body. In the womb when it has been contained in Anti-D, or in an infant’s body when it is present in DTP vaccines and derivatives.

In the UK, autism prevalence figures for children born after September 2004, post mercury vaccines, should now be well established. Bateson asks that this information, in line with new thinking in the NHS on medical outcomes, should be disclosed without delay. He also calls for a definitive study into vaccinated vs wholly unvaccinated outcomes with special reference to immune system conditions including autism. With controversy around vaccines going back many years it is astonishing that such research has never been done in the UK. It must now be done, and under the strictest conditions, to protect the integrity of what may be highly revelatory data.


On 12th July 2013 it was reported in the USA that Dr J Bart Classen, an immunologist, in a peer reviewed report, implicates vaccines in the autism epidemic.

originally sourced from http://www.wordsandpicturesoxford.com/email-0005.html