New eBook Aims To Take On The Diet Industry

Britain is the fattest nation in Western Europe3 and according to a recent UK survey[4]  

  • 75% of women are unhappy with their shape
  • 6 out of 10 say that their body image makes them feel depressed
  • 84% of normal weight women want to be slimmer by an average 9lbs

It’s not just a female problem; some figures suggest that 45% of men are now unhappy with their bodies compared to just 10% twenty five years ago.


Like psychic readings, lotteries and astrology hotlines, the weight loss industry sells hope to desperate, vulnerable and insecure people.

People in the UK are spending £12 Billion a year on foods that are marketed as healthy and are perceived as healthy. Unfortunately they are not only as good as junk, but are commanding premium prices and are being marketed mainly to middle class females, living in the South of England more highly skilled and apparently more knowledgeable about food, but they are getting fatter.[5]

The Fat Loss Puzzle eBook endeavours to accurately inform and empower people to make the right choices.

The USP’s for the book include:

  • No repeat business, unlike the diet companies.
  • It’s not a diet; more a lifestyle change and there is no calorie restriction.
  • Dispels the myths and exposes the false truths that few books or diets will tell you about.
  • One book, one solution; no need to continually fork out for ineffective and expensive diets and products.
  • A detailed explanation of all the relevant physiological and psychological factors influencing sustained fat loss and general health; a lifestyle blueprint containing eight comprehensive chapters, including 100 recipes and 3 sample meal plans.
  • The book deals with how all the physical lifestyle factors influence the root causes of all types of disease and how to prevent or reverse existing conditions.
  • Although some of the individual concepts are not entirely new, they will still be new to most people and the way they are implemented brings a novel approach into a cohesive, easy to execute plan for implementing them.
  • All concepts are founded on sound, unbiased science.
  • 60 day money back guarantee with no exceptions.
  • Continual updates on all related topics on the blog at
  • In spite of the title of the book, the book offers much more: Strategies for general health and beauty; Multiple disease prevention and treatment; Anti-ageing (AgeLESS™) protocol; Anti-cellulite (CelluLESS™) protocol; Anti-diabetes (DiabetiX™) protocol; Alternative cancer prevention (including BreastSHIELD™) and treatment protocols; Cutting edge strategies that deal with emotional eating, mostly ignored by mainstream diets