Helenor Bye – Dead at 12, Murdered By The State

Please watch the story here from Helenor’s parents 

Thanks to all of you who have already taken the Action Item, TinyURL.com/CandourDuty, the Bye family is well on their way to the victory for us all that they have sought for 35 long and weary years.

After this article appeared here, the emails began reaching the Honorable Stephen Dorrell.  That must have sent shock waves through his organization because within days, he and a representatie from the NHS called Derek and Joan Bye to

 1. Apologize for the death of their daughter, Helenor [An apology which her bereaved parents waited 35 years to receive – Dr. Rima]

2. State that they would be moving in Parliament over the coming weeks to change the law in the UK to impose the Duty of Candour on the NHS as Mr. and Mrs. Bye have championed for so long.

In brief, the Duty of Candour means that the NHS and its members can no longer lie and hide facts.  Simple.  Obvious.  Very, very long overdue.

Are we home yet?  Not at all.  The promises have been made because of our pressure on the government.  Now the hard part is here: getting the government to actually do what they said they would.

And the same thing that got them off their 35 years of silence is going to compel them to honor their promise: public demand.

That means you, taking this Action Item, TinyURL.com/CandourDuty, now, once for each member of your family and then sending a brief email to everyone you can reach who would be interested in having the NHS compelled to tell them and their families the truth!

I congratulate the Byes on their well-deserved gratification but we must remain alert that until the Duty of Candour law is passed, none of us is safe at the hands of the NHS.

Yours in health and freedom,

 Rima E. Laibow, MD

 Medical Director

Natural Solutions Foundation

Rima E. Laibow M.D and Christina England

 The Natural Solutions Foundation has produced an exclusive one-hour interview with Derek and Joan Bye, whose daughter Helenor died a totally preventable, slow and agonizing death at the tender age of twelve.  Helenor died in a National Health Service (government) hospital in Wales after being illegally enrolled in a drug trial without parental knowledge or consent. [1]

Helenor, an honoured student, was murdered by a combination of cover-up and lies in 1977. The cover-up of her unlawful killing and that of countless others, continues to this day.

What you are about to read is disturbing. What is even more disturbing is that the situation did not end with the horrifying manner in which Helenor died: the abuse she suffered both before and after her unnecessary death continues today against the most vulnerable of us: our children and our elderly. Please keep reading, ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ this article and, most importantly, take action!

Misdiagnosed with epilepsy (for which there was no clinical evidence), Helenor was, without her parent’s knowledge or consent, secretly enrolled by her doctor into a drug trial for the dangerous and now-approved drug Epilim (Sodium Valporate) and dosed at dangerously high doses.

Despite the fact that Helenor’s father, Derek, worked with epileptics and clearly knew that his daughter did not have the condition, the doctor ignored his protests and threatened her parents with having the State seize Helenor and remove her from their home if they did not continue giving her the drug, which was negatively altering her personality and causing disastrous side effects.

The doctor repeatedly ignored their distressed pleas to discontinue the drug or at least lower the dosage.


At the time of Helenor’s death, the hospital was so busy covering up the shocking truth that they not only continued to lie to Helenor’s parents by telling them that she was still alive (although she was dead on arrival by ambulance) but bullied them into signing biopsy consent forms, whilst they quite literally stole every vital organ from the child’s body in order to make an autopsy impossible.


Derek and Joan later discovered irrefutable documentation proving that during the three days AFTER Helenor’s death, they were intentionally misinformed and told that she was still alive.  They were badgered into allowing biopsies (organ harvesting), which were, in fact, mutilations of their daughter’s dead body.

When they had finished their ghoulish harvest of incriminating organs (brain, liver, heart, etc.), which might have shown elevated drug and tissue damage levels, the medical professionals involved in her murder and subsequent cover-up declared that Helenor died of ‘natural causes’. This effectively blocked the possibility of an autopsy. In an endeavour to further hide their crimes, both the hospital and staff continued to spin their web of fraud and deceit by falsifying the evidence presented to the coroner’s court.

This conspiracy continued over many years as the authorities, from the physician to high government officials, deliberately denied the family access to crucial reports and documents surrounding the death of their daughter in spite of the law, which clearly stated their right to access them. [2]

When my esteemed colleague, Christina England, told me the details of the case, I found it hard to believe that she had the details correct.  I sincerely hoped that she was wrong.  Once I realized that she was not wrong and that the case was not an isolated incident, I realized that the Natural Solutions Foundation had a moral responsibility to bring Helenor’s story to the attention of the public and asked Christina to arrange to video interview with Mr. and Mrs. Bye.

Helenor’s gentle, dignified and still-grieving parents travelled to Christina’s home and, though Skype and onsite technical assistance from Gary Cox, we were able to interview them for you.

During my interview with the Bye family we looked in detail at the shocking events that led up to Helenor’s tragic and unnecessary death. Through their extensive research and persistent determination, the Byes have tracked down and secured many of the damning medical documents, which we include in our video, that the Welsh Medical Authority and their confederates had tried so desperately hard to conceal for many years.

 How Doctors Can Literally Get Away With Murder!!!

In the UK, doctors, nurses and hospitals have the legal right to lie and hide information. Shockingly, they are not legally bound to tell the truth about what they have done that could harm you or what they intend to do that could put you in harm’s way. The situation is not much different in the US, Canada and elsewhere. 


However, they are legally bound to secure ‘Informed Consent’ before treating you (or removing organs!) So here are a couple of major questions which have profound impact on you and the people you love:


1.     How can I give informed consent without full disclosure of what might happen if I chose this option or that? 


2.     How does culpability and responsibility work, if health care professionals and organizations have no duty to disclose the truth to me, instead being able to hide it with impunity from those harmed?


The medical profession can tell you, a parent or a relative, anything they choose because currently they have ‘no duty of candour’ towards their patients or their patient’s relatives. They can also hide behind phoney “patient confidentiality” walls to keep secrets they would rather not tell you about.


On top of all this, of course, is the issue of informed consent, In the case of Helenor’s parents there wasn’t any: they were not informed of the truth at any time.


Over and over and over again these loving, caring parents were denied the information and choices they needed to prevent the death of their child.


Clearly, these parents were not only lied to and threatened with the loss of their child, they were not informed that their daughter was being used as a human guinea pig for a drug trial, given a drug at an exceptionally high dose for a disease she did not have! 


Once Helenor had finally succumbed to the maltreatment and poisoning to which she was subjected and was already dead, her parents were told that she was too ill for visitors.  Helenor’s parents were cruelly kept from seeing their supposedly critically ill child for 3 days after she died to make sure that they signed papers allowing minute snippets of tissue to be removed from her body.  In reality, entire organs were being secretly removed from her corpse. 


And then, to add insult to injury, her parents were denied access to medical records for decades.


Surely, this cannot begin to come under the definition of “Informed Consent”, which requires:

  1. A patient or patients parent or guardian, agreeing to a health intervention based on an understanding of it [Absent in all cases here – Dr. Rima]
  2. The patient or patients parent or guardian, having multiple choices and is not compelled to choose a particular one [Absent in all cases here – Dr. Rima]
  3. The consent includes giving permission [Absent in all cases here – Dr. Rima] [3,4]


Would Helenor have died if her parents had the accurate information about Helenor’s situation, her enrolment in a drug trial and her subsequent “treatment”?  No, of course not.  However, they were denied this basic right, despite Informed Consent laws and protections – on the books.


There is another, basic violation inherent in Helenor’s story that you should consider and it is one that could save your life or, as in the case of the Byes, the life of someone you love dearly.


You see, today, a doctor, a hospital, a nurse, a social worker, any health care professional or organization can lie to you through lies of omission with complete immunity and impunity.





Derek and Joan Fight on!


Despite their loss and outrage, Derek and Joan have never had closure and for their daughter to have dignity in death they will never give up the fight. Thirty-five years after Helenor’s tragic death, the Bye family are still fighting for change. They demand a law for everyone in the UK that guarantees all health care professionals and hospitals have imposed on them the ‘Duty of Candour’ [Candor in the US and Canada – Dr. Rima] towards their patients and their patient’s relatives.


This would mean that health care professionals, hospitals and other health care organizations would be legally required to volunteer:


‘….. all relevant information to persons who have or may have been harmed by the provision of services, whether or not the information has been requested and whether or not a complaint or a report about that provision has been made.‘ [5]


Under the current law, (rigged to protect the providers and corporations at the expense of the patient), if you or a loved one suffers an adverse reaction to a procedure, drug or vaccination, the doctor or hospital can legally deny that they or it was responsible for causing the death or illness! When, in reality, prescription drugs and routine vaccinations that are among the leading causes of death, both inside the hospital and out of it! [6.7]


In fact, hospitals and the medical profession frequently cover up a patient’s illness or death in a variety of different ways.  Vaccine injury is a prime example. http://tinyurl.com/AutismInsideJob Over the years it has become evident that doctors are blaming parents, not their procedures or vaccinations, for causing their child’s injury or death. They do this in two ways, either by stating that they have shaken their baby/child so violently that they have caused a bleed on the brain to occur (‘Shaken Baby Syndrome,’) or by saying that the parents suffer from ‘Munchasen Syndrome by Proxy’ (making up illness/disability to gain attention). This blame can actually include imprisonment for murder when babies die or suffer life-long disability. http://vactruth.com/2012/08/20/vaccine-injuries-destroys-families/


The Bye’s propose a law requiring health care professionals and organizations to reveal what harm could follow from a vaccine, drug or procedure.  Then if the patient (or parent) elects to have the treatment anyway, they cannot be blamed, since the doctor recommended it, and the doctor cannot be accused of a cover-up.


The Byes have been bringing this issue to the political arena for decades.  In fact, they succeeded in sparking a parliamentary adjournment debate in the House of Commons in 2010.  However, the House of Lords overruled the vote because they decided it was “impractical” for a Duty of Candour to be implemented within the NHS. [8]


I believe that a Duty of Candour standard [Candor in the US and Canada] is not only very practical, indeed, it is the very least that we can expect to receive from health care professionals and organizations. 


What a relief it would be, if finally we knew that we could trust our doctors and nurses to tell us the truth about the dangerous drugs, vaccines and procedures we would be subjected to if we followed their advice! What a tragedy that, currently, we cannot.


A Scenario of What a Truthful System Might Look Like


Wouldn’t it be a relief if your doctor said:


“The coronary bypass surgery I am recommending for you has not been shown to work any better than a make-believe surgery and it will likely cause you an extended period of pain and depression.  The likelihood is quite high that you will suffer neurological damage that probably will not go away, but it is good for the hospital’s bottom line and, frankly, mine, too.  Even with the best possible outcome, this major surgery will not cure the problem but will only treat a few inches of vessel while the problem is present throughout your entire body.


On the other hand, if you decide not to have the surgery and do 20 or so intravenous chelation treatments, there is every chance that your cardiovascular disease will go away throughout your body, assuming, of course, you follow a clean and sensible, heart healthy diet and take the appropriate nutritional supplements.


Of course, neither the hospital nor I, to say nothing of Big Pharma, will make much of a killing, but you’ll probably be much better off with the second alternative.”




“If we inject little Ben, here, with this vaccine, the chances are pretty good that his immune system will be permanently damaged and that neurological, endocrine and other systems will be, too.  The incidence of sudden death also rises sharply with this vaccination. The truth is, though, that there is no evidence that vaccines are effective in preventing diseases but between the foreign protein they introduce into a body and the toxins they contain, including mercury and aluminium, they offer no benefit to anyone but the drug company that made them and me, since I make a lot of money when I inject my patients.


It is only fair to tell you, too, that if there are any side effects from the vaccine, and they are not rare, you could be blamed for them.


So, all in all, it’s not necessary for little Ben and he will be healthier if he is not vaccinated, but you’ll have to get a formal exemption to make sure that you do not have legal problems with the government when it comes time for him to go to daycare or school if he is not vaccinated.


It becomes easier to understand the House of Lord’s opposition to the imposition of the Duty of Candour when you think about it that way, I suppose.


An Urgent Need for Change


It is obvious that House of Lords erred dreadfully in their 2010 ruling. In fact, there is an urgent need for change.  Medical deception, deceit and destruction leading to suffering and death cannot be permitted to continue.


 Patients and families have a basic human right to full disclosure before a medical injury occurs. Patients and their relatives deserve respect, honesty and must be treated with common decency by being told the truth after an injury occurs. The medical profession must not be allowed to get away, unscathed, hiding behind loopholes in a law that allows them to use phrases such as ‘…it would not be in the public interest to disclose such information…’ when evidence indicates that a drug, procedure or vaccination is, or could be, the likely cause of injury. 


Prior to treatment, Duty of Candour, which simply means full disclosure. This disclosure is required for informed consent to have any real meaning.


Had Helenor’s doctors fully disclosed the fact that Helenor had been enrolled in a clinical trial for a dangerous drug that she did not need, would her parents have permitted her to take it?  Had they been told she was likely to experience anaphylactic shock from the clinical test that she received would she have been subjected to it?  Had the doctors revealed that she was already dead, would her parents have signed for tissue biopsies to possibly save her life?  Had they told Derek and Joan that the hospital was going to remove all vital organs to prevent any investigation into whether the drug had killed Helenor, would her parents have allowed that to happen?


The answers are obvious. It is urgent that we take action now by supporting the Bye family in their quest.   Sign the letter below and send it to UK’s current Chair of Parliamentary Health Select Committee Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell M.P.  by clicking onto this link http://org.salsalabs.com/o/568/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=14352


When you have done this the Natural Solutions Foundation will give you as a free complimentary gift a copy of the their interview with Joan and Derek Bye as a thank you.


Dear Sir,


I am writing to you on a most urgent matter, which your influence can help to resolve.

Every day, patients and their families who trust their doctors, nurses and the hospitals in which they receive care are asked to make decisions which are, quite literally, matters of life and death and every day, some of those decisions, and the ones made by their health care providers wreak harm.


Patients have a right to expect, and, indeed, do expect, both candour and honesty from their health care professionals in frankly discussing potential injury risk and possible cause of injury once it has occurred. Indeed, the entire principle of ‘Informed Consent’ hinges on full disclosure and findings of responsibility hinge on it as well.


Shockingly, however, the House of Lords decided in 2010 that a ‘Duty of Candour’ would be “inconvenient” to impose on the National Health Service, leaving patients without any assurance of meaningful informed consent or realistic redress of malpractice grievances in the event of mishap.


This allows the health system to betray its responsibility to share information openly and honestly in order to protect its own perceived interests over those of the patients it purports to serve for THEIR best interests.


Clearly, this is an intolerable situation resulting in deception and cover-up, leaving patients vulnerable in ways that are far more than “inconvenient”, but are, in fact, intolerable.


I urge you to act in the strongest way possible to require a clear and unambiguous ‘Duty of Candour’ upon all persons engaged in health care and patient contact so that meaningful Informed Consent and truthful inquiry into liability and responsibility are available to those served by the National Health Service. It is urgent that a law which requires: ‘….. all relevant information to persons who have or may have been harmed by the provision of services, whether or not the information has been requested and whether or not a complaint or a report about that provision has been made.‘ be enacted at the earliest possible date and enforced strictly throughout the entire National Health Service.


I look forward to the enactment of this urgently needed legislative correction since its absence violates the rights of every patient in the UK.


Yours in health and freedom,









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