Your Secret Ingredient For Great Hair, Fantastic Skin And Easing Your PMS!


Would you be interested to find out more? Yes! That’s why, I’m delighted to share this week’s recipe with you. I would love for you to have an open mind when you read this, and give it a go at least once. You will be glad you did – I promise you.

I am also thrilled to announce that in the next few weeks, I will be launching an online group programme that you can take part in from the comfort of your own home. It’s so that you can ease your PMS and feel like the best version of *you* every day of the month! And you are going to be the first to hear about it, stay tuned…..!


Your Secret Ingredient For Great Hair, Fantastic Skin And Easing Your PMS!


When I first started eating sea vegetables, I had to rescue the bags out of the back  of the cupboard, (and yes they were very dusty after having been there a long while, totally unused!)

I had previously turned my nose up at them because I thought that they would have a salty fishiness about them and a squidgy texture. But after hearing that they are soo good for you, I thought I should at least try…..

Lo and behold I was very surprised as they were super tasty and they added a rich salty flavour to whatever I ate. From then on, I could not get enough of them.

Why Are Sea Veggies Going To Ease My PMS?


Well not only will they ease your PMS, they will also give you fantastic hair, skin and nails to boot. What more could you want? This is because they are incredibly rich in an array of minerals.  


Sea vegetables help alkalise our bodies from the over-acidity of the modern diet and contain 10 to 20 times MORE bioavailable minerals and vitamins than land vegetables, with no fat and low calories!



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About Charlie


Charlie is passionate about helping women who suffer needlessly from PMS to feel


strong and beautiful every day of the month. After being frustrated by conventional medicine’s approach to treating PMS, Charlie set off on a quest to ease her own symptoms naturally. She started immediately by simply cutting refined sugar out of her diet and increasing the amount of good fats that she was eating. Within one month Charlie found that her energy had increased and her PMS had eased and this spurred her on to make further changes to her diet and lifestyle. 



Charlie is determined to share the information that worked for her and has made it her life’s work to see that no other woman suffers as she did. Charlie has created her signature system, “Feel Fabulous Every Day!” which incorporates her principles for happy hormones, because happy hormones mean a happy, glowing and gorgeous you!



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