Progress Report On The Helenor Bye Murder


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Thanks to all of you who have already taken the Action Item, I know that you will be pleased to know that the Bye family is well on their way to victory for us all, a victory that they have sought for 35 long, weary years.


After the article about Helenor’s murder and the continuing fight that the Byes have waged for justice appeared here, our emails began reaching the Honourable Stephen Dorrell. We can only imagine they must have sent shock waves through his organization because within days,  a member of the UK governments ‘ Health Select Committee’ telephoned Derek and Joan Bye to:


  1. Apologize for the death of their daughter, Helenor [An apology which her bereaved parents had waited 35 years to receive – Dr. Rima]


  1. State that they would be moving in Parliament over the coming weeks to change the law in the UK to impose the Duty of Candour on the NHS as Mr. and Mrs. Bye have championed, for so long.


In brief, a Duty of Candour means that the NHS and its members can no longer hide facts, an action that is simple, obvious and very, very long overdue.


However, despite this amazing news we are not home and dry. These promises have been made because of our pressure on the government.  Now the hard part is here: getting the government to actually do what they said they would.


We need to all take action now. The same thing that got them off their 35 years of silence is going to compel them to honor their promise: public demand.


This means we need to take action, each and every one of you needs to take this Action Item, now, once for each member of your family and then send a brief email to everyone you can reach who would be interested in having the NHS compelled to tell them and their families the truth!


I congratulate the Byes on their well-deserved gratification but we must remain alert that until the Duty of Candour law is passed, none of us is safe at the hands of the NHS.


Yours in health and freedom,

Rima E. Laibow, MD

Medical Director


Natural Solutions Foundation