Parents Reveal How Medical Professionals Killed Their Daughter and Hid the Evidence.

Helenor Bye was just twelve years old when she was experimented on and killed in a drugs trial in Wales 1977 after being enrolled without her parents’ knowledge or consent. In a bid to cover up the truth, the hospital butchered her little body and stole her organs whilst telling her parents that she was still alive. Over thirty years later her parents are still fighting for justice for their beloved daughter, who just weeks before she died had presented a bouquet of flowers to the Queen.

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After many failed attempts to get their story told, the Bye family have lifted the lid on the evil that still goes on behind closed doors in our hospitals today. They explain in an emotional hour-long interview with the Natural Solutions Foundation how they desperately sought help, while watching their daughter’s health decline under the hospitals brutal regimen, for a disease she did not have.  Help was denied while they were threatened with Helenor’s removal if they refused to continue giving her the medication, which was so obviously destroying her.



Please watch their harrowing story and take action by demanding an end to the ability of health care providers to legally hide information and lie about their actions here,  please share this information widely.