1.     St John’s Wort: A.Vogel Hyperiforce tablets

St. John’s Wort is a time-honoured herbal medication for the nervous system, most popularly used to help boost low mood and alleviate mild anxiety.  A.Vogel Hyperiforce, an extract of St. John’s Wort herb, is a licensed traditional herbal remedy made from organically cultivated and freshly harvested hypericum. Price: £9.95 (bottle of 60 tablets) / Stockist:

2.     Natures Plus “Source of Life” Multivitamin and Mineral tablets

Nature’s Plus “Source of Life” tablets are a remarkable nutritional breakthrough emulating nature’s wholesome goodness with a powerful blend of vitamins, minerals and other health giving nutrients bringing a dynamic burst of energy and feeling of wellbeing. Price: £10.34 (bottle of 30 tablets) / Stockist:

3.     Solgar Vitamin D3 2200 IU: high strength Vitamin D3 supplement

SAD is caused by lack of sunlight and the resultant deficiency in Vitamin D which is produced by our skin when exposed to sunlight.  So this high strength Solgar Vitamin D3 is a powerful way to combat SAD, while it also boosts the immune system, and maintains healthy teeth and bones among other significant benefits.  Price: £8.51 (bottle of 50 tablets) / Stockist:

4.     Pukka Morning Time Tea


Pukka Morning Time is a delicious natural pick me up – a caffeine-free, herbal tea made from a vitalising blend of organic rooibos, honeybush & red ginseng. The perfect way to kick start your day! Price: £2.03 (box of 20 teabags) / Stockist: