New Mums Are Given All The Help They Need To Get Their Body Back And Their Tummies Flat Thanks To Mummy Shape School

Due for launch at the beginning of November, the website will provide mums with all the resources and motivation they need to shed the pounds and regain their confidence. 

Many mothers find it a struggle to lose belly fat after having children. When there’s a new baby or many children to look after, it can often be difficult to find the time to concentrate on losing weight and staying healthy. That’s why Lisa Barwise, an award winning health coach and blogger, has created Mummy Shape School. A mum herself, Lisa understands how difficult losing weight can be when juggling a hectic lifestyle, but also knows that by eating healthily and exercising regularly, mums can get their bodies back and enjoy bundles more energy to experience life to the full with their families.

Her unique program focuses on healthy weight loss plans which focus on making sure you get optimum nutrition, eating fresh and natural ingredients and help time poor mums with only the best meal replacement and wholefood nutrition products. All of their products are scientifically researched and are free from anything that may be unsuitable for breastfeeding mums. The Mummy Shape School online forum also creates a platform where new mums can help and motivate each other to lose weight, share tips, stories and provide motivation for one another.

Lisa Barwise, creator of Mummy Shape School says, “What makes Mummy Shape School unique is that it is a weight loss programme devised by a mum, for mums, with experts to support it. Our meal plans include the most researched nutritional products in the world, and users can access a thriving community of mums to connect with and be motivated by.  Although mummies find they lose weight fast through the nutritional cleansing process, it is not a diet they follow but a kick-start to a healthy lifestyle change. I believe, as a certified health coach, weight loss advisor and author, that a mum’s good health leads the overall good health of the whole family, as we are the captains of the ship in terms of the nutrition our family receives.”

Mums who join the Mummy Shape School will receive Lisa’s weight loss secrets and healthy eating plans, as well as innovative products from the Juice Plus range of wholefood supplements, which have been subject to the most rigorous scientific testing and are supported by health professionals around the world. They will also have access to the expert video classroom where guest speakers in the health and fitness industry provide vital and relevant advice and tips to mums as well as the Secret Slimmers, closed Facebook group that only members of the Mummy Shape School can access, where they will find even more tips, advice and motivational support from mums in the same position.

As well as losing weight for themselves, Mummy Shape School also provides in-depth information about family nutrition, shopping and cooking for the whole family, so everyone can enjoy a fitter, healthier and more energetic lifestyle. 

The new website has been launched on the  1st November.

About Mummy Shape School

Mummy Shape School was created to provide solutions to busy, tired and time poor mums to help them to lose their baby weight, fit back into their pre baby clothes and give them more energy in their day.


As a Mummy Shape School Mummy, you have a choice of using our weight loss meal replacement Shake plans or trying the 4 Week Diet Plan to lose that baby weight.

As goal weight success stories or continued customers you will have heavily discounted forever access to your new community.