Innovative New HappyHealthy App Shows How Healthy Choices Affect Mood

The utterly practical and wholly innovative HappyHealthy App promises to help users monitor their health and happiness 24/7. Using carefully selected NHS Choices information the clever app provides guidance on the go, making smart choices and a naturally happy state easier than ever.

A health advisor and personal trainer which can be carried around in the pocket at home, in the office and on the move, HappyHealthy acts as an essential motivational tool for anyone who needs help changing bad habits, suffering from stress or anxiety and those who are too busy to switch off.

Rebecca Molinoff, Marketing Director said, “The app’s main message is that ‘Happiness is an inside job’ and that our nutrition and lifestyle choices affect our happy hormones more than life events. We should be hunting for the best fuels and exercises for our mind and body in order to maximise our health and restore our bodies to a natural state of wellbeing.  Many of us know this but changing habits is difficult so HappyHealthy App has been cleverly designed to do just this with non-intrusive, ‘little and often’ reminders, and is the must-have digital friend for any modern day man or woman.  If you have an iPhone it’s immediately available for free!”

HappyHealthy App is a pioneering way to track mood and promote positive health. It uses the LENS acronym (Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep) which is endorsed by industry leaders including Dr C. Oliver (Chek Institute) and Dave Reddin (Performance Coach), to increase user awareness of the small triggers.

The SMS version of the App shows an average increase of 12% in self rated wellbeing scores over the first six days, which gradually increases to over 20% if users continue to utilise the tool in the same way, over the next 3-6 months.

Molinoff added, “We know that one of the greatest challenges for any app developer is getting users to stay interested. We believe we have effectively overcome this hurdle with the easy to use interface, the volume of great tips and expert guidance. Fortunately, mental health is no longer a taboo subject and the app is proven to help users improve theirs, which makes for continuous engagement. Of course, everyone experiences excess stress and increasingly, many of us find it difficult to ‘switch off’. We want the app to help users avoid prolonged stress and anxiety and maximise the feel good factor. It is great for anyone who suffers from low moods that can’t be explained, feels stuck with thoughts that are irrational but can’t be shaken off and for those who want to be less irritable in a good mood more of the time.

“It’s easy to forget that how we feel is heavily influenced by what we put into and do to our body (as well as a positive mental framework). The HappyHealthy app encourages users to maximise their happiness, reducing stress and anxiety by improving habits in lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and sleep. Research proves that our ‘little and often’ feedback loop, providing moments of reflection and recording them, dramatically changes habits and it’s this that makes the app such a groundbreaking new release.”

The HappyHealthy team also offer a 28 day online programme designed by wellness experts, which gives subscribers a one to one coaching session with a handpicked trainer, a personal wellbeing plan, a 28 day LENS program, daily feedback advice and a Ten Steps to Wellbeing ebook.

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