Making Sense of Science – The Misconceptions and Lies They Tell The Public

Last Saturday, a full page article was featured in the Sun Newspaper about my forthcoming book, Toxic World Toxic People – The Essential Guide To Health, Happiness, Parenting and Conscious Living. Journalist Helen Gilbert received a copy of my book and pulled facts from it to write her article.  The Sun newspaper don’t usually publish these sorts of stories so it really was quite something to see my book written about in such a big way.

By Tuesday afternoon, I had realised that one of the UK’s largest Science websites had already discredited the facts in the article. Basically they pulled apart the article saying that every statement I had made, was not true.

But little do they realise that how they wrote their article ( see the very badly written PDF, see here) was an absolute Joke. In fact, I wonder if the person that did write the article was actually having their first day on the job, it reminded me of someone not even out of school being given a job that was way above their capabilities.