Fed Up Movie

We’ve had so many lies told to us by our ‘health authorities’ and Governments. They told us Fat was evil and so began the low fat high sugar diet craze. Now with an epidemic of disease caused by too much sugar and not enough fat, we see whats happened by listening to these so called, caring agencies. 


Thirty years ago the U.S. Government issued its first ever dietary guidelines and with it one of the greatest health epidemics of our time ensued. In her documentary feature debut, executive producer and narrator Katie Couric joins Laurie David (An Inconvenient Truth), Regina Scully(The Invisible War) and Stephanie Soechtig (Tapped) to explore why, despite media attentionand government policies to combat childhood obesity, generations of kids will now live shorter lives than their parents.


Upending the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and how to lose it, Fed Up unearths the dirty little secret the food industry doesn’t want you to know- far more of us are sick fromwhat we are eating than anyone has ever realized. The truth is, only 30% of people suffering from diet-related diseases are actually obese; while 70% of us — even those of us who look thin and trim on the outside —are facing the same consequences, fighting the same medical battles

as the obese among us.


Following a group of children for more than two years, director Stephanie Soechtig achieves a profound intimacy with them as they document their uphill battles to follow the conventional wisdom, ‘diet and exercise’, in order to live healthier, fuller lives. They are undertaking a mission impossible. In riveting interviews with the country’s leading experts, Fed Up lays bare a decades long misinformation campaign orchestrated by Big Food and aided and abetted by the U.S. Government.