Join Me – Take the Cleanse Challenge!

Haven’t started a New Years Detox? Me neither!  I wanted to let you know about the Cleanse Challenge  I am doing, that the digestive and gut care experts, Renew Life is running.

It’s going to launch on 15th January on The Cleanse Challenge is made up of 5 challenges to kick-start a cleaner and healthier lifestyle, including ways to increase fibre, cut back on processed foods and drink smarter.  


New research has found that we live very toxic lives;


·         more than half of women surveyed (55%) are failing to meet the recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables in their diet

·         over a third (36%) opting to get through the week on a diet of convenience food

·         over half say the rely oncaffeinated drinks (58%).


We’ve been working with registered nutritionist Kim Pearson to raise awareness of cleansing, which is not a fad diet or detox. Cleansing is when you support your body’s ability to detoxify itself. Of course, eating lots of fresh un-processed food, getting plenty of fibre and drinking enough water is the first step, but often our bodies need a helping hand to flush out the build-up which is where a cleansing programme can help.


The Challenge goes live next week but I wanted to tell you about it today so you can get prepared!


The Cleanse Challenge uses either First Cleanse, a 15 day all natural herbal cleansing programme which stimulates the elimination of toxins, pollutants and free radicals. First Cleanse is a gentle yet effective formula for the ‘first time’ or ‘sensitive’ cleanser, or there is CleanseSMART which is a 30-day advanced programme. 


Both First Cleanse (RRP £23.49) and CleanseSMART (£22.99) can be purchased from various health food stores including Whole Foods and As Nature Intended. To find your nearest stockist visit