A Guide To Good Petiquette For The Travelling Dog

The poll of 1,000 pet owners found that nine in 10 people holidayed with Fido in the UK last year, and one in eight actually took their four legged friend abroad with them.

The survey also revealed that nearly one in two dog owners plan to take their pet on holiday with them this year and that pet owners from Scotland, Wales and the West Midlands are most likely to holiday with their dog. Whilst people from London and the south-east are more likely to take their dog abroad, reflecting the area’s proximity to train and ferry links to the continent.

Andrew Bucher, co-founder of MedicAnimal.com and veterinarian, says “Ever since the introduction of the Pet Passport Scheme, travelling abroad with your dog has been made much simpler. To travel in the EU, dogs must now have their own passport to show that it is up to date with vaccinations against rabies and has been micro-chipped.”

With this increasing number of travelling dogs, there comes the responsibility for pet owners and pups alike to demonstrate decorum when on holiday, in an environment intended for relaxation and rejuvenation for everyone. As such MedicAnimal.com has produced ‘A Guide to Good Petiquette for the Travelling Dog’, which outlines the do’s and don’ts when staying in hotels, B&B’s and holiday homes this summer.

The guide, available free online at www.MedicAnimal.com, reminds Fido of the five commandments, SIT – where to/not to; FETCH – not mistaking the local wildlife for its squeaky toy; HEEL – obedience, not those Jimmy Choo’s posing on the bar stool; EAT – only what’s in your bowl; and, DOWN – not intimidating other guests, your Great Dane may have the personality of a fluffy Chihuahua, but others may not be so convinced!

In addition to this, the resident vet for MedicAnimal.com has produced a list of tips and advice to consider when holidaying with the pooch as well as a packing checklist and ‘travel bundles’ which include all the essentials, including Doggy Sunmist – SPF15 Sunscreen for dogs. Products include dog food, beds, bowls and balls as well as sunscreen, towels and a car harness amongst other things. The tips and advice, packing checklists and ‘travel bundles’ can also be found online at www.MedicAnimal.com.  

Andrew Bucher comments, “Our research shows that an overwhelming majority of pet owners nowadays are opting to take their dog with them on their holidays. However, pet owners still need to observe certain rules and regulations when travelling abroad with their pet, and our tips and advice column will serve as a quick and easy guide, whilst our Guide to Good Petiquette for the Travelling Dog offers more friendly advice about how to demonstrate top dog behaviour.’

For further information and to download ‘A Guide to Good Petiquette for the Travelling Dog’ as well as packing checklists and tips and advice please visit www.MedicAnimal.com