Take Your Pets On Tour

Alongside their popular Adventure Tours and Overland Tours, Pet Tours are ideal for those who want to broaden their pet’s horizons. These bona-fido adventures are designed to offer pets the chance to get in touch with their inner beast and put a springer back in their step.


Similar to Tucan Travel’s human-only tours, transport will be on overland trucks or local public transport (such as chicken buses in Central America), giving pets the chance to mingle with the local population. There is also a wide range of included activities, such as a visit to the Great Sphinx of Giza in Egypt, a cruise of the Dalmatian Coast, a big cat brunch and mixer in Malawi, an understanding your parrot language course in Costa Rica or a tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and the Inca Trail led by Chica, the Peruvian hairless dog.


CEO Matt Gannan is excited about the new range of Pet Tours. “The way people travel is always changing and we are hoping that with ‘Pets on Tour’ we will be ahead of the game with mutts on seats on every continent. Tours have been designed with great attention to de tail and have been given a five starfish review by leaders in the pet community. I am looking forward to taking Princess, my pet labradoodle, on our Mongolian Expedition later this year and on many more tours in the future.”  


Research conducted by leading ethologists and psychologists at Bark-shire University have found that travel increases your pet’s vitality and helps strengthen pet/owner bonds. Pet Tours will be accompanied by specialists such as groomers, animal psychologists and personal puppy trainers. All specialists will have the necessary koalafications, and relephant travel experience. What is more, if you book a place on one of Tucan Travel’s new tours before midday on the 1st April, your pet travels for free!


Now, you may be fooled into thinking that Tucan Travel’s range of ‘Pets on Tour’ trips are too good to be true. Owners must ensure their pets have the appropriate documents, visas and pet passport. You are also solely responsible for the health and wellbeing of your pet while on tour, particularly in areas where they may be considered the local speciality.  It’s also highly recommended that you ensure your pet can be brought back to you if it goes missing so make sure you have the appropriate collars and tags.


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 Tours go on sale April 1, 2013 and places are limited – you’d be a FOOL to miss out!