Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Dog Toys!

Plastic Bottle Toys

It’s amazing how much fun your dog can have with a simple plastic bottle. However, before tossing your soda pop bottle to your pooch, there are a few modifications needed. First, thoroughly rinse the bottle. Remove all labels and the plastic cap and ring from the bottle to prevent choking or intestinal blockage. Twist and squeeze it a little bit to entice your pup with the crinkling, crunching sounds. Put some of your his favorite treats inside so they fall out a few at a time while he’s playing. Or try placing the bottle inside an old sock and tying a knot on the end to make it easier for your dog to carry around.

Rope Toys

What dog doesn’t like a good rope toy? Use an existing length of rope that you already have and tie a few knots in it for an excellent pull toy. Because rope can easily fray, a little maintenance is required. Trim the ends of the rope frequently so your dog doesn’t swallow the strands. Always avoid nylon rope, which shreds easily and will make a mess. If swallowed, nylon rope material can also cause intestinal blockage.

Another alternative is creating your own rope dog toys from old clothing such as fleece, socks, denim or towels. Simply cut long lengths of your fabric of choice and braid them together, knotting at both ends. Toss the toys in the washing machine every few days to keep them fresh and clean. Beware that your dog probably doesn’t understand the different between old clothing and new, so there is a risk that he may think anything that has your scent is fair game.


Combine the fun of two classic dog toys – a tennis ball and a rope. Drill two holes in the ball and thread a piece of rope through the holes, securing the rope tightly.

Another tennis ball variation is the treat ball. Simply drill a few small holes in a tennis ball and fill it with a few bite-sized treats. Then sit back, relax and watch him roll it around and pry it open until all the treats fall out.

Remember to always supervise your dog while playing with any toy to prevent him from breaking off and swallowing any pieces. Keep in mind these homemade toys will probably only last a day or two before it’s time to recycle and start over with a new one.

Hopefully these easy, homemade dog toy ideas have provided you with some inspiration. Get creative and add to our list with any other suggestions you have!