We need a vaccine against media hysteria

by Rixta Francis

This time I won’t give a link to an article, because I wouldn’t know which one to choose. Most people won’t have missed the media hysteria about a few cases of measles in the USA. Let’s have a closer look at the facts.

There are 132 reported cases of measles in a country of 320 million people. In this same country some 15.000 people are killed by guns and hundreds of thousands of them die as a direct result of medical treatment. Every year again. These are deaths and the measles cases are just cases, but so far nobody has died from it. So why isn’t there anything in the news about the 132 people who have died from doctors in any hospital in the country today?

My goodness, it’s measles, but the media report about it like it’s smallpox, cholera and tyfus all in one. The science behind measles is that it’s usually a benign disease and any complications can be prevented and treated with large doses of vitamin A. But that simple fact is ignored, for also here the fiction takes over big time. The fiction of the vaccine that prevents this benign disease. Or as I explain here, vaccines are nothing but a religious belief. And that’s actually even worse than just fiction. Ordinary fiction can be refuted with facts, but facts can’t influence religious belief systems.

The way the media and people in the media push the measles shot is full of religious fanatism, including ostracizing everyone who doesn’t share this religion. For there is another detail here: these 132 cases are in the USA! So why has the media hype spread to half the world? Why do people in Australia need extra measles shots because a few people in the USA have got measles?

If medical science ever had anything to do with facts, that seems to be something of the past. It’s all about fiction nowadays. Made up numbers, manipulated statistics, loads of scary stories and if that’s not enough, threats and bans will soon follow. And that all in the name of science. But one thing is sure: some day in the near future these things will all end up in books about “blunders from the past”. But nobody will be willing to read those books, as it’s too hard to admit that we all got so easily fooled.