Cuba – an important lesson in alternatives to toxic vaccines

Cuba is such a fantastic example of a country where greed isn’t getting in the way of health, at least in the area of immunisations.

Homeopaths all know about Cuba’s success with Homeopathic remedies but I didn’t know until recently, when it was explained by Dr Isaac Golden at an advanced CEASE Therapy workshop, that because Cuba is still under U.S. embargo, the big (or should I say HUGE!) pharmaceutical companies can’t trade in Cuba. As a result the country’s vaccine program is under the control of the government without any intervention from the oh-so-powerful pharmaceutical company’s.

What a blessing for the Cuban people… vaccines being developed with only the people’s best interests at heart, not financial gain (on the part of the drug companies or the politicians who receive impressive kick-backs from those companies).

And what do you know… they use homeopathic remedies, not exclusively but they’ve had great results in widespread cases using purely Homeopathics.

Because they are open to using anything that will bring the best, healthiest result for the people being immunised, and aren’t swayed by monetary pressures, they are happy to use Homeopathic remedies made from the disease they are aiming to prevent (known as Homeoprophylaxis) and have had fantastic results using this method. Not only that, it’s also incredibly cost effective. Effective in terms of results and costs, and without the nasty side effects of vaccines which are filled with all manner of nasty toxins causing all manner of terrible symptoms and diseases. That deserves a double woop woop!

Makes you think doesn’t it?

If you’re intrested in reading more, you could take a look at this article on The Society of Homeopath’s website, also Dr Isaac Goldnen’s site.

Stay tuned for more of my thoughts on vaccines