Remedies To Treat Mastitis

If you are a new mum and mastitis sets in, there are some things you can try before going on antibiotics.


You can make a tea from:

  • echinacea
  • dandelion root
  • yarrow
  • small amount of poke root

Or you can make a tincture from same ingredients

Echinacea and dandelion help to clear the infection and the yarrow can relieve fever. Poke Root will help to unblock the milk ducts.

Drink this 3 x a day until condition improves

Apply a poultice to the breasts with either slippery elm and marshmallow or comfrey. You can also try bathing the breasts in hot water and applying warm compresses of distilled witch hazel.

Tips are from the book Herbal Remedies by Tamara Kircher and Jade Britton