Herbal Tea Recipe For Acne

Acne can be a really annoying problem for many people – me included! I’ve had trouble with my skin for ages and its no wonder because my digestion has been awful. I wasn’t breastfed long term (up to 6 weeks only) then formula fed, was vaccinated, suffered with a lot of stress and grew up on a diet of too much sugar, chemicals and just generally bad food.  No wonder my skin breaks out!

Using things topically can help – but only to a small degree – it can’t fix whats going on inside the body.

Having sluggish kidneys affects the skin so herbs used in this tea are going to help with kidney function. The kidneys help to clean the blood. Having them work efficiently is so important not only for the entire body, but for the health of the skin.

Herbal teas, using organic traditional herbs, can really help the skin improve.  I have found a really great recipe that I am personally going to try.

Here it is for you:

Herbal Tea Acne Formula

2 parts Red Clover
2 parts Dandelion Root
1 part Echinacea root
1 part Alfalfa leaf
1/2 part Capsicum

It’s also very easy to go into a health food shop and ask the naturopath or herbalist to make a tea up for you.

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