Lactation Tea Recipe – For New Mums

When breastfeeding, the body has to be very well nourished to provide baby with high quality milk. Many new mums feel they can’t produce enough milk.

This herbal recipe may help body to produce more milk:

4 parts anise seed

4 parts caraway seed

4 parts dill fruit

4 parts feenel seed

4 parts vervain wort (blue vervain)

To make:

Seeds should be crushed before brewing. This can be done in a morter and pestle or in a blender (coffee grinder). This crushing is essential so that the ingredients will become active.  Only make it each day you are going to have the tea, otherwise you will lose the qualities when stored for a few days.

The herbs are brewed in the normal manner and should steep for at least ten minutes.

When breastfeeding the amount you drink should equal the amount of milk you will produce.

This recipe is from The Family Herbal book